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2 Apologies for Absence

3 Declarations of Interest Under the Localism Act 2011

[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:00:00]
ITEM 3 declarations of interest under the Localism Act 2 thousand 11
if Members have an interest to declare can I please ask that you clearly identify the item number of importantly the interest relates to the nature of the interest
no indications received
I shall now move to the minutes of the council meeting of the 22nd of May 2 thousand 19

4 Minutes

councillors are you happy for the minutes of the meeting to be signed as a correct record
for young
[Cllr Claire Young - 0:00:43]
it's inside a very small point but
now by Peter switched off unless there is a point where it first to me talking about the Parish Council I make reference to Parish Councils and it should be Parish Councils plural not
singular and
it's it's in relation to the item on the
the item about a Council publicity in the media protocol so it was either the Council business open so I've now got my thing open so I might actually be able to run
Page 9 thank you yes
yet so it is a simple correction it says Parish Council which makes it sound as only one hand as we have five Parish Councils in the ward I would just like it corrected
that would cause a diplomatic incident
thank you
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:01:43]
so members are you happy for me to sign the minutes as indicated with those changes
I am pleased to welcome representatives of my chosen charities for the year the Great Western air ambulance and the Patchway memory Cafe so they can briefly introduce their work towards to us all can I please ask Joe from the Great Western air ambulance to introduce the work of the charity
can I be one I
[Officer9 - 0:02:32]
am I start
by saying thank you too for supporting the freeness and or the plot bikers as we we call them an incredibly vital part of some of our service under yes and I think what I do and so an greater see so many familiar faces around the room from those who have been up to anywhere basin arms break and those that are met or at the community engagement forums and doing around the area are usually start those isn't getting forms of asking the question which is what does the air ambulance do
and what with time ticking away I'm not going to give you the opportunity to impress me but I am
the answer I usually get is probably nine times out of 10 it's about taking the Patient from A the incident site to be the hospital as quickly as possible and I am wrong but it's just it does such a disservice A doesn't mention the fact where a charity it costing some with the tune of three and a half million pounds each year just to keep the service going and the second is that
it doesn't talk to the added value that we bring and that's really what I'm going to touch on now in this very whistlestop tour them so what are we doing
we cover the area that's known as Cuba so that counties even possible and Gloucestershire that's to point 1 million people huge area a huge population to good job got a helicopter flies 150 miles an hour can be anywhere in our region in under 15 minutes and it's fantastic that the stars of the show are really the the skill and the doctors and paramedics that we take on board
which together with the equipment mixes more like an release over the cliché but it is more like an accident and emergency department that will fly to the patient saving time and therefore saving lives and it's estimated that one in five of those that would otherwise die survives thanks to the intervention that we do
and we could do some extraordinary things so it is in the news quite a lot that there are an awful lot of stabbings and so it's handy that we can do for our customers through economies so we can access the heart we can do basic surgeries not in a sterile clean environment in a hospital and talking in someone's bedroom in someone's caravan in a stairwell in an alleyway i'm week-in week-out of amputations we can deliver babies by see section and crucially we can anaesthetise so we can stabilise the patient before taking them on not just to the nearest hospital but the best were really blessed here to have the riddle trauma centre over Southmead and heart Institute with Obyarai all right but as you every Swansea having a helicopter flies 150 miles an hour means we can pick and choose
that the right hospital to
give the patient a better outcome
this so much to say about the charity and am aware in prattling on and I just want to finish by saying thank you to Councillors for their previous support thank you for and I think over the last last 2 years 20 19 we were given 5 thousand 200 pounds for three or math grants that year before that 19 thousand which is around 15 and a half complete missions as potentially 15 and a half lives saved thanks to the grants and the support that you've given
and potentially in your constituency as well thank you message thank you too to Councillor Alison Firth
nominating because and also to add a monk had an office in the
her for her answer is very the Bristol half for us
I believe it's a Just giving you are using it in his
that but thank you on behalf of everyone at the arrangements but also as someone who lives in this community community as someone who's got friends and family nurse community thank you for
allowing us to give the best possible care for them if they have any worth saying developers thinking
thank you Chair and I look forward to working with you over the coming months
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:06:38]
can I now invite Susen from Patchway memory Café to introduce her charity to us

5 Chair's Announcements

[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:06:59]
she's been advised she apparently is not here so
will circulate some details on on this charity at a later date thank you
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:07:15]
very busy couple of months as yr with so many events to celebrate throughout throughout South Gloucestershire
highlights for me include a meeting with Bookstart bear
the library mascot for the Pajama Orama event which encourages children and their families to use our library services
then attending a rather wet page park to celebrate all the hard work that has been going on there
and it was really nice to meet members of the paid family
the launch of the Chipping Sodbury festival at a local church and a local church service in the town
and a memorable armed forces Day in Kingswood and the and the memorial Woodlands Remembrance Day
we now come to items from the public

6 Items from the Public

or and this is an opportunity for members of the public to speak to Council
members of the public have five minutes to speak and I will advise when you have one minute remaining in fact the light will change on on our new indicator here to amber it is appropriate if it is appropriate we will refer the matter to the relevant committee or Chief Officer for action in consultation with Lead Members and and the relevant Cabinet Member
can I please now call David Redgewell from South West Transport Network to speak to Council
David you have five minutes to speak and the lights will turn amber when you have one minute remaining
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:09:06]
David can you turn your microphone
[Officer9 - 0:09:09]
yet amid the talk about the most important deal in the room at the moment for public transport and that is the deal that the western Combined Authority in Bristol City Council tried to get over the line at the moment involves them hundred 15 year buses
involves a bus priority measures and tackling congestion of five-minute frequencies on routes that come from the Cribbs Causeway the area through to an Patria through to south Bristol Sat 75 76 one and two very important is the Authority
as you probably know buskers between 20 and 40 thousand pounds not something that Wakil could afford to buy through
through franchising and that's why we are very concerned about people who suggest that franchising may be the way forward he will leave Wacker with huge bills and affordable bills
so as it is in this light that obviously just deal with FirstGroup and Stagecoach is being pushed forward by the Mayor and the Metro Mayor we have a Deputy Mayor in the room here today as well to make sure this goes forward
so there is an issue around this is also causing us a lot of concern
on a member of the Mayor's Transport for Bristol for equalities and or public transport and thus the future
of the bus lanes on the even ring road on my dressing the private car they consult their own issues out there
the extremely unconcerned about what we do with the buses
the present predictions and the model that has been dealt drawn up by First Group show journey times on the 19 99 being extended by at least six minutes and in peak times by 15 minutes on a path to Cribbs Causeway service which is a keys Bristol service two or three of the Combined authorities
and also the vital service to the Mayor but you'd meet respects in Eastville and across to East Bristol
i'm wishes to apply for and of course the MetroBus is so I would just ask that there is an urgent meeting between 1st plc and James Freeman and reports of Stagecoach with the chief executive his Council and with Toby to make sure that we have this issue sorted out and their expertise
as far as they're engineering thank mature engineering department and their planning departments report to look at this and give you advice on the buses other people have to give you advice on the private car but these would give you advice on what to do about the bus system and that could involve a trading the fleet and make sure you have Euro VI before so I had to go through on special priority measures through those junctions so I'd ask you to look at that as urgency because experiment laws postmen on the 8th August and that a lot of concern was raised in fact of Bristol City Council last night in a cross-party debate and raised again this morning cross party by the whole of the west being a Combined Authority it no members voted against the proposal to come to yourselves
Toby on Friday
so that's might be on the buses I just want to pick up another couple of issues which I am concerned about and I have been sitting in the JSP
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:12:05]
equivalent JSP are to say that we need to do more in this area around the transport in the Joint Spatial Plan on
one minute remaining
[Officer9 - 0:12:10]
though grey extremely concerned about the affordable housing not being projected unsupported by the Authority at the JSP and we have to make the case for rural housing and South Gloucestershire as well as people who need affordables
would urge the Council
the sessions in October and September to make the case whether you
[Officer9 - 0:12:28]
believe in mock housing will not see affordables or need in this in this district especially with the cost of living in the Cotswolds and the Severn Vale
so those are the major issues in young other issuable torres inclusive only just come on hospital is the issue around erm Metro West and the need to continue that project and push forward with the issue rang tram train groom and White Young on the Henbury loop
On the other issue really is to make sure we go into them
[public - 0:12:58]
deal with destination Bristol of Unite's call them listen the notices in the questions to make sure we get the transport money in Leeds and the money through from the government so we spend some of that tourism money in Iran Greater Bristol and Somerset thank you very much
[Officer9 - 0:13:11]
thank you David
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:13:16]
your comments will be referred to the Cabinet Member for Planning transportation and strategic environment
can I please now call Andrew Shaw to speak the Council you have five minutes to speak and the lights will turn amber when you have one minute remaining
[Officer9 - 0:13:37]
Good evening appliances raise the subject of the turning restrictions that due to be implemented at the traffic lights junction of the a fall on 74 Hambrook in August under the guise of a so-called experimental traffic order concerns we have fallen cynhesu broad categories firstly the process and secondly the proposals themselves
likes to say first that I recognise there is an element of government direction here was I thought we'd all agree reducing pollution and emissions where feasible is a good thing but I don't believe that Central government are stipulated this had to be done here by way of an experimental traffic order nor do I believe they specified the particular detailed proposals that we have low
firstly the process I believe government sat South Gloucestershire challenge yes but it was a matter of South Gloucestershire Council's choice to implement this particular set of restrictions and choice to do it as each young I believe the experimental traffic order is being used wrongly here even with the ECO where his so-called consultation or review later I still see no reason why they couldn't have been a consultation on front community engagement has been woefully inadequate with not just residence but many Members who live in the nearby areas unaware until after it was decided as we have community engagement forms the safe Gloucestershire I would ask was this issue not been tabled at these forums instead of properly and timely community engagement your officers seem to be rushing headlong into one particular solution which I believe has some real flaws and in a way which meets local residents feel consultation is a dirty word insight Gloucester's dictionary
on the actual proposals they seem to follow from data back in 2 thousand 17 modelled on projected forward but there's been changes since then for example the relatively recent Stoke Gifford transport link or bypass road which may have changed things another thing about changing since 2 thousand 17 is that more vehicles on offer to be stopped stop stop-start technology thereby reducing emissions from stationary vehicles which the scheme is aimed at and there are further changes coming soon such as a new link road between the Stoke Gifford bypass into Harry Stoke and when they come on stream this might also change that actually ease the situation if people like me driving a Euro VI compliant vehicle is stop-start technology the cuts the engine out when stationary it's frustrating to be inconvenienced by these changes especially went live the further will actually emit more pollution I drove the proposed new route last week travelling from down into Harris Stoke he added point 8 of a mile to the journey leading to more emissions and whilst I didn't turn right at the licence or Hambrook instead of waiting there on the extra loop I got held up by three sets of traffic lights on the roundabout with the aim of 32 instead so how does three sets of lights and extra distance help emissions and pollution then drive has gone from French into down and they might take the new rate but alternatively they might decide to cut through the back rows over traffic calming measures and actually then putting emissions out closer to the dB in people's houses which makes little sense
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:16:37]
you're one minute
[Officer9 - 0:16:38]
and then this scheme means removing a bobsleigh how crazy is that
so I can't cover all the detail in the five-minute slot here this evening but in summary I am frustrated at the lack of community engagement is important the locals don't continue to fill ignored and simply done to with a stick when if a fundamental change in ethos so the Council is not simply using the words consultation or engagement in a lip service or reluctant way
residents members and parish councils need to feel genuinely consulted and actually listened to because they might have practical suggestions to make my Foyle ask and I realise it's a big one I asked that the scheme is put on hold pending proper community consultation a review of the data assumptions modelling changing road network and think about the unintended consequences before any restrictions are put in place of the Hambrough lights because the best of officers intentions might not actually deliver what is desired
no residual process means that Councillor Unsworth and thanked me for my comments and say something like It will be referred to the Executive Member etc and we'll move on but I really hope you vote then just be brushed under the carpet or ignored I realise the Executive Member has a difficult job on a fine balance to strike but I would welcome a separate discussion or meeting with Councillor Reid thank you all for listening
and I trust you will reflect on my community consultation points which actually apply wider than just the Hambrough Nightstop
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:18:07]
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:18:11]
thank you Mr. Shaw and as you predicted your comments will be addressed to the Cabinet Member for Planning transportation and strategic environment but I am sure he will respond to
now please can I call on Mrs. Sheila Davey
to address Council
[Officer9 - 0:18:36]
still learning system
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:18:46]
[Officer9 - 0:18:46]
yes you have five minutes to address Council and the like will change to amber when you have one minute remaining
and I am here representing the residents of Arthur stone
whether like South Gloucestershire Council now of our growing concerns
[Officer9 - 0:19:03]
about Travellers settled at campsites each year on the green at time limit of stone
last year and this year had been the worst ever causing the disturbances and
intimidate and the elderly noise late at night loud music till 2 30 am
the burning of garden waste which they bring back each evening from jobs saved on that day and enough with the residents calling the fire brigade with fear it was spread their properties
excrement been left on the children's slide and other play equipment in the play area
they left the site a couple of weeks ago in a terrible filthy mess
with the cost of welfare officers police Fire Brigade court costs and the clean and Green when they leave surely it would cause South Gloucestershire Council and the taxpayer less money to make preventative measures by putting up a fence or boulders to stop this happening each year
the residents of Alveston please urge that Gloucestershire council to take action as soon as possible thinking
like Sheila pub is so will be referred to the Cabinet Member for
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:20:23]
[Officer9 - 0:20:23]
Planning Transport the strategic environment
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:20:31]
can I now ask her rhythm Vincent to come forward please
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:20:46]
you have for five minutes and as mentioned before the light will change the Amber when you have one minute remaining thank you
[Officer9 - 0:20:54]
I ask my question is addressing and the provision of care for families with disabled children in Council and over the last year we have seen cut after cut to both residential respite care and respite in the home and I care for a 15 year olds who requires 24 hours seven days a week
and without any support
people like me won't be able to do it any more
if we put our children into care we will be looking at cheat 4 thousand pounds a week for the level of care that my daughter requires and yet the care that we finally agreed on after 14 years of dealing with South Gloucester Council last year was cut by a third this year and I am hearing this from parent after parents
now parents cannot keep doing this we need support from the Council and I would like to know why sufferers Council cutting support to families with disabled children
and what you going to do about it
before we have to put our children into residential care which would cost you a great deal more money
thank you
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:22:17]
thank you for your comments will be drawn to their attention for the Cabinet Member for children and young people thank you
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:22:26]
can I now ask Barry west to address Council
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:22:36]
again as before Mr. West's there you have five minutes and the like will turn to them but when you have one minute remaining
[Officer9 - 0:22:47]
thank you I'll keep it brief in view of the number of Christians who got to get through to Council so my question really is about the impending emergency and climate change
I am
a few questions ready Kim Brear
why councils plan to provide electric charging points for cars across South Gloucestershire proposes a bit chicken and egg situation because if you haven't got infrastructure people having to buy electric cars I know their infancy
the obvious need for hybrid and electric cars to reduce emissions which would help non-seat transport throughout the region then
I believe the Council received cash until I 20 13 for 7 charging points across South Gloucestershire
I'd like to know what has been achieved with this money to date
and I looked a map to see where the charging points are recycled or sheer and and notice that very few compared to other areas
for one example having a council they supplied 38
charging points for electric vehicles On all powered by sustainable energy
there is money available from the government
from the vehicles emission unique
I believe is one half million pounds available
well you can get up to 7 thousand 500 pounds for each PAP PowerPoint where the Council only funds 25 percent and early
the fund will arm for the other 75 percent of which is run through the energy savings Trust so I really would like to know what their plans are in future for providing these units open thank you
thank you Mr. West your comments will be drawn to the Cabinet Member
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:24:43]
falls planning transport and strategic environment
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:24:48]
can I now ask Luis ward to come forward
Louise's before you have five minutes to address Council the like will turn number when you have one minute remaining thank you
[Officer9 - 0:25:11]
I just have a question task and a recent international report stated that I could go a long way to combating carbon emissions by large scale planting of trees in 2 thousand 17 Tory party said they would plant 11 million trees by 20 20 which we worked out equates to about 100 thousand for South Gloucestershire can you confirm where the Council stands on this target
which areas have been identified the benefit and what are protective mess met measures have been adopted to protect existing trees and I would also like to know if the Council has applied for funding from the government's urban tree challenge fund and if they haven't why not because if there's money available we should really be using it thank you that's it
thank you for your comments will be forwarded to the Cabinet Member
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:26:11]
for Planning Transport Strategic Environment who will respond
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:26:15]
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:26:18]
I know requests the Niccolò Boden Jones to come forward
[Officer9 - 0:26:29]
can you hear me
hello I am here because climate change is the biggest issue facing us today it affects each and every one of us our children our great grandchildren and so on our carelessness has brought around the rapid deterioration of our environment but I am not the first female politician to speak on this subject in 19 88 Mrs. Thatcher a scientist and our prime minister warned in her address to the Royal Academy of the dangers of climate change
so passionate was she on the subject that she attended the second World climate conference to make the point that it was the responsibility of the whole world community to resolve climate change just as you Councillors here today have decided by your collective actions to pass a motion in support of the climate emergency
but in 2 thousand and 2 Mrs. Thatcher's authorised biography revealed that she had taken a U-turn had decided not to follow through on her commitments in case it impacted upon or other obligations that to a free market and also her fears that climate change was really a platform for the left
we only have to look at what has happened in Hambrook to get a sense of what a Tory sets is not a Tory does when faced with a lawsuit from members of his own government your Council Leader took the law into his own hands to push ahead with her development likely to cause more misery and pollution than it solves and at what cost what is the cost in terms of Council funds liability for the Council and impact on the community and environment we live in
so I am here today to support my hardworking and diligent colleagues on the Labour benches who have been pushing the climate change agenda with vigour passionate to take a leading role in ensuring South Gloucestershire as an effective action plan for dealing with its impending emergency and I know their commitment will ensure through their governance of the Council but the climate change agenda is on the fourth front of their work and so with concern that it is easy to overlook responsibilities and in cases where the damage has the potential to remain invisible I pose a question about property one of the largest creators of greenhouse gases what beside Gloucestershire council proposing to do to improve the energy efficiency of Council owned property and how does the council promised to enforce the legally set SAP ratings of private rented accommodation in conjunction with this I would like to know when you intend to publish your plan to make all Council buildings carbon neutral by 20 30 thank you
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:29:27]
thank you for your comments will be brought to the attention of the Cabinet Member for Planning Transport the strategic environment
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:29:36]
can I now Sky OAPs Nash to come forward
[Officer9 - 0:29:57]
My item is with
regards to agenda item
what was the statement in its Wecker committee 18th of January 20 19 meeting reply to question 3 question from some Morris states
work has published goals and ambitions and business plan had a significant focus in achieving objectives for transport sustainable growth and the associated improvements to the environment
in addition the West of England Joint Spatial Plan has recently been Act consultation and was subject to joint committee approval on the 18th of January
the West of England Joint Local Transport Plan was taken forward to consultation in February
the strict strategy documents support a range of measures to support the effectiveness of our transport network in its sustainability and the impact of growth and transport on the region with the aim of moving towards a carbon neutral transport network managing demand to promoting sustainable and low carbon forms of travel supporting electric vehicles and improvement in air quality all feature prominently
air travel transport and its associated Transport's Transport Network therefore constitutes part of the wider transport network in the region
and the associated emissions thereof
given that WYCA has agreed to the expansion of Bristol airport what to South Gloucestershire Council intends to do to ensure that South Gloucestershire meets a commitment to Zero carbon emissions by 20 30 of
this guy
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:31:49]
again your comments will be drawn to the Cabinet Member for Planning Transport and strategic environment
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:31:55]
I now have a number of other yr speakers that have indicated that they want to speak on on this particular item
on the agenda Item 12 can I just say that it is going to be quite a long evening so if those people have indicated they want to speak in you please try and make sure that to aid the debate that you have different points to raise thank you
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:32:28]
first Member of that so the first member of the public was indicated for this new one is Danny bonnet please
sorry and Zoe bonnet will come next
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:32:49]
but it could even
[Officer9 - 0:32:50]
On a item number 12 dealing with a climate emergency will require global concerted action
this includes regulation incentivisation leadership cooperation and collaboration
it is crucial that all parts of society play their part doing what they can
for South Gloucestershire Council the key roles in this complex web of action will be leadership and proactive collaboration
that is because there is no longer any time for excuses for inaction
no time for finger pointing only time for finding solutions and making progress
a lot can be achieved in a decade of continuous pressure in one direction I witnessed this first-hand during a period during the decade of decarbonisation in the electricity sector this has been a beacon of success and one which holds lessons for us across society
from South Gloucestershire Council we need to feel a constant pressure for clean air for electric vehicles for warm and zero carbon homes for zero emissions refuse collection if that's possible and for wholehearted support of community initiatives such as zero carbon Thornbury
this is a group recently established seeking a pathway to net zero emissions for the town and surroundings including actions like a community energy projects healthy and warm homes wildlife sanctuaries are including carbon sequestration through tree planting
active transport and great public transport
we are looking towards this Council for a two way collaboration of support and advice
where looking for knowledge transfer and we are looking to share rigorous the colonisation in all areas
I wish to conclude with two points to put on the on record of very strong support for the motion number 12 on behalf of zero carbon Thornbury and I urge you to adopt it
even more important will be the action that follows that adoption with swift action paying dividends for climate change mitigation for public health in South Gloucestershire for biodiversity and for quality of life around the globe and that is why this motion deserves to use the word emergency in its title thank you
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:35:32]
[Officer9 - 0:35:32]
thank you for your
comments will be considered as part of the next agenda item
can I ask
now Zoe bonnet speed to Council
[Officer9 - 0:35:48]
speaking here today I know I could tell you lots of things about the climate crisis facts and figures to back up why we need a strong climate emergency motion
but I think the most important thing I want you to think
about is that whatever we have done is already in the past
what we've done to a planet already exists and is going to say but we need to look forward
at school we are always being told to learn from our mistakes
we need to do that now
this motion shows hope for the future
we need a well to be carbon neutral by doing this we secure a small amount of hope for your children my generation we are talking about change from the top or the bottom but the truth is we need it everywhere
most sacrifices are worth it if it means saving lives so please consider passing a motion today it's the change we really need
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:37:04]
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:37:06]
can I please now ask Jenny Vernon to speak to Council
[Officer9 - 0:37:22]
chair Members thank you for this opportunity to address you tonight my name's jelly I'm a resident of Patchway and remember of South loss Green party so unsurprisingly I would like to talk to you about tonight's motions declare a climate emergency
some months ago my colleague Diana offered you the opportunity to be the first Council in the country to declare a climate emergency you declined to take up that opportunity in a few days later our neighbour Bristol took that honour but
not being first does have certain benefits because we now have the opportunity to learn from our neighbouring authorities from Bristol Forest of Dean Stroud who've all declared a climate emergency we get to learn the positive actions we can take and the pitfalls to avoid
but that's a conversation for another time but have liked to take a look at the motionless before us tonight and there's a lot to be commended
you totally yet that us humans have caused irreversible climate change the impacts of which are being felt around the world you totally get that runaway climate change constitutes an existential threat to human society and life on earth and I totally get that consequently it's no longer acceptable to think of climate change as a potential future threat but rather it must now be treated as a real and present danger to the lives and the life chances of people now living those yet to be born and to the natural world yea because it has more than I fortunate though
you don't want to quote figures around emissions now I've no idea whether these figures are accurate for example whether it takes in the whole supply chain like Stoke 3 but that doesn't matter that would become clearer over time and again as a topic for another day what is of most importance are the actions you can take to reduce these so in terms of your resolution I am heartened but not only have you gone for 20 30 as your carbon-neutral target date but you also pledged the leadership needed to make this happen locally through Wecker and nationally and that the EA
but make no mistake the Green party will be watching we will applaud you when you make the big bold moves we will support you in these moves when life gets tough for you because it will but we will also hold you to account for the choices and actions you make as we all move forward should these fall short
in terms of your plans and actions I am heartened that this motion of reads the sign up to the UK 100 pledge to enable and facilitate communities to achieve 100 percent clean energy across all sectors and I'm heartened that this motion asks Cabinet to identify workstreams and budgets to make this Council carbon neutral by 23 across all functions
and I am heartened that working with partners this motion requires an action plan and route map to a sustainable low carbon future for our community so my first request to you is that in doing this you empower your staff to be big bold imaginative in devising the strategy and action plan needed to enact your vision
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:40:23]
[Officer9 - 0:40:24]
where you have one minute remaining
there was an early
one minute sorry for it said that Surrey and work with communities and businesses from the outset to ensure you bring them along with you
[Officer9 - 0:40:34]
because to address this climate emergency is going to require a real change in lifestyle for us as individuals and public organisations for businesses and you the way you assess scrutinise and make decisions
My final request to you is that you pass this motion and get going on this and get it right for the planet our futures and the futures of those yet to come put simply we owe it to them so let's do it let's get on with it and let's deliver on these recommendations let's invest in the future economy and a safeguard the planet for future generations let's do it now thank you
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:41:13]
thank you for your comments will be considered as part of the next
[Officer9 - 0:41:14]
agenda item can I please call on Tron Meadowcroft to speak to Council
tommy of five minutes and the likely change to amber when you have one minute remaining
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:41:24]
[Officer9 - 0:41:26]
everyone thinks happiness lot my fellow Green party members I welcome the news that South Gloucestershire is to become the last WYCA Council to consider a declaration of climate emergency I've heard today mostly to advocate for my supplement Dodson who well as things stand inherited enough inhospitable Earth from his parents' and grandparents' generation enough would acidic oceans or lack of fertile soil parched landscape devoid of trees and a patchwork of civil conflicts over dwindling resources
this may yet be in his future and all of our futures I ask you towards her consider India and Pakistan where temperatures sorts of 50 point 8 degrees this June killing a total of 189 people as water shortages and encephalitis wreaked havoc in the here
consider Sudan Niger and Mozambique where drought and desertification exacerbated by runaway climate change leave 40 percent of the African continent undernourished consider the animal kingdom that sustains us all in the midst of what scientists are calling the sixth mass extinction with on 26 thousand 500 threatened species expect expected to be lost over the next 100 years was pressing for us is present day for them
that is why it is vital that this Council passes this motion and joins the rest of the country and declaring a climb and ecological emergency but more than that it is vital that members of this Council act upon their words put short-term profit and political capital aside and make the changes we need to secure a future for life on earth this year over 14 thousand people voted Green and soft gloss with an open mind we will be watching thank you
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:43:07]
thank you Tom your comments will be considered as part of the next agenda item can I please call Diana Warner to speak the Council
[Officer9 - 0:43:19]
thank you very much for Rahm asking for an invite our enabling the state but rarely a big big thank you for every 1
4 for putting school gather this motion when I read it on Monday morning I was hoping for joy it with its great and I thank you very much I I thank you for rarely taking this hot understanding of of what's at stake here and your determination that the motion really shows some depict determination to use
your leadership and everything you can to achieve his two thousand thirty date and to extend it into the whole community and we have heard no Thornberry already
are trying to do that so I am and I thank you because I for one of the things he said is if you if you asked me what happens if you go for 2 thousand 15 and I set up in prison I'm really really happy to stay here and and help you see what I'm offering if them
any help I can give you as a as a
newly retired GP to go into surgeries to talk to
2 to talk to people and
i'll making we can get this done much better than getting going into prison and I will stay also if you're wondering about extinction rebellion in Bristol having come hotfoot from there I will say that what hasn't had any publicity yet is what one of our young
doctors in in Britain who
his words are not in South Africa has actually put himself on hunger strike and since Sunday so
I would hope it will have publicity but you know I'm not an what vague is I'm not the only doctor who has just been wringing my hands for the last couple of years thinking that I can't look after my patients if I need to but yes I am thank you so much because yes I can add now I can start really properly influencing with no health
or thank you
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:45:44]
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:45:45]
thank you
can I please call MP O'Brien to speak Council
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:45:56]
but then you have five minutes so the local turnover with one minute remaining
[Officer9 - 0:46:03]
I live in February and there was a direction for Swansea Co-op air of as few years we've developed about 10 million pounds of solar projects in the area
and I see that the motions night has got a cross party support so I presume it it will go through and that's great news
South passes the last of the four West of England authorities to declare a climate emergency and a trust that all parties are 100 percent committed to it and the huge actions that need to follow it
this must not be a tick-box exercise we have to adopt a war-fighting approach nothing less policies have to change across the whole economy and we have to demand that national government facilitators
last week the Committee on climate change said UK action to curb greenhouse gas emissions is lagging far behind what's needed it said that over the past year the government has delivered just one of 25 crucial policies needed to get emissions reductions back on track we have to demand that we every all of us we have to demand that government gets its act together whatever our political allegiance although Glen P's similarly need to tell the truth to their bosses are hitting the current government line is not enough
there will be resistance to this and vetted fossil fuel interests together we must call this out
I acting now the UK could be world leaders in the transition to a zero carbon economy this will create a huge number of jobs the Green Finance Task Force believes that most the finance needed for this transition will come from the private sector from institutional investment much of this will be a redirection of investment rather than additional investment for example the Avon pension Fund currently has an estimated 100 5 million pounds invested in fracking this money needs to move into local zero carbon infrastructure
the Task Force may feel daunting but the good news is that in recent years the UK energy system has undergone a transformation
we now have over a million renewable energy installations across the UK we've got more renewable energy generation capacity than fossil fuel capacity solar and wind now cheaper than fossil fuels the rapid developments in energy storage and smart integrated technologies and seismic changes are underway in the dark decarbonisation of transport and heat
we actually have the technology we need and the finances there what we need most of all is the right mindset and total collaboration

5 Chair's Announcements

I'd like to stress at South West Council doesn't have to lead in all this it needs to enable others to play their full part that's the key bit

6 Items from the Public

the past few years a number of organisations including our Co-op had been working on a collaboration to accelerate the transition to a zero carbon society in the West of England
it bringing together local councils the community sector the private sector and all those glue people that make things work like finance people marked in people project managers lawyers etc.
it's call 0 West
and we stand ready to assist the Council wherever we can
I do envy your comments will be considered as part of the next agenda
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:49:24]
item can I call Jane Antrobus to speak to the Council
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:49:29]
the previous comments regarding timings apply
[Officer9 - 0:49:33]
reminds me of the early introduction to mastermind
I regret leaving everyone thanks for the opportunity to speak I am speaking on behalf of the Winterbourne environmental group but recently formed group do them and see what we can locally to take action to improve the environment I am also speaking as a deeply concerned citizen and parents and the main thing that want to say this evening as I wholeheartedly support the motion that has been put forward tonight it's a big step forward and I applaud the level of ambition set out in the motion I just like to make two requests in relation to the motion please own firstly please act now please don't declare a climate emergency tonight and go back to business as usual tomorrow we need first and decisive action as Greta tumble pointed out in her speech to parliament in April the emissions curve needs to be paramount so please give it priority in everything that you do starting now
Oates secondly be radical we won't get to carbon neutral by 20 30 by tinkering around the edges as Sir David Attenborough told the UK business energy and industrial strategy committee last week we cannot be radical enough poll showed that the public wants first action on climate change and that its politicians who were holding us back so please don't do that hair and finally recognised that in order to be radical the transition to carbon neutral must be properly resourced thank you
can I now poor Laura Rogers to speak defensible
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:51:10]
[Officer9 - 0:51:12]
thank you again as with the other speakers for having his hair I'm speaking also from Winterbourne environmental group Ann's mother of a seven-year-old and three years old my daughter who 7 now will be 18 in 20 30 so that dates for me is very significant we are doing this for the future of our children and I know all of us together this is really important that the motion gets passed and that we act now to make those changes as you heard tonight from many speakers and we are ready in the community to take action so I urge the council to call on communities we are ready to do things like tree planting rewilding working with communities changing our environments and so on to use that resource in the communities but secondly many citizens also needs to be enabled to make changes we cannot rely on individual behaviour change for people who can't do this whilst going about their ordinary lives so even though I am aware of the climate crisis I still have to drive to come here to Alma Road to take my daughter to special educational needs appointments because there's no other way for me to get here too to went from Winterbourne so please as a Council work with other regional councils in the areas we've heard and work with government to enable the infrastructure we need both for energy generation and transport change as well so public transport and enabling us to be carbon neutral so I hope this passes thank you
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:52:41]
I be lower than I know of Penny sites to speak the Council
in that case can I ask Jonathan Mahan made them to speak to Council
thank you to all of the speakers your comments will be drawn to the attention of the Cabinet Member but will now also form part of the debate that we will have on Hulme emotions that have been put forward
one woman
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:53:23]
I haven't got an honest I haven't got a name on the list please come forward
[Officer9 - 0:53:49]
addressing the current environmental problems with this motion I'm sure it's going to pass thanks to Councillor Young for the initiative
some will say that your target is too ambitious but aim for the moon
in any case distant targets can encourage in action and you have done the right thing by proposing interim targets or goals and continuous monitoring this is essential for progress to be made
I do hope to that Council will agree that this issue is far too important for inter-party squabbles We're all in this together please work together
if I may use an analogy I ship is sinking fast and there are no lifeboats is no time for arguments everyone on board HMS help some to bail out the waters and to patch the leaks some will even throw back each overboard
in the same way I hope Council will fully engage with residents we have already heard a number of groups speaking ready to work with you let's get on to that tell them you can't do it alone explain how they can do something listen to their ideas and facilitate their actions
Council has an excellent record on recycling but this needs far more than just a bit of recycling
the numerous possibilities for example walkable streets one day a week with no traffic green roofs net zero buildings retrofitting there are many more and we need all
of them
I have no time to present a list here now and some will be outside the Council 3 meant in any case but I hope fought spread to more than just emissions important as they are
this is no longer just climate change is a looming crisis so I would particularly hope that an environmental crisis group might be established which also included selected members of the public and those with suitable knowledge so that all possible avenues could be explored and examined with comments on feasibility and reported back to Council for action
from now on I hope that every discussion every consultation every debate has the possible environmental impact at the top of its agenda thank you for listening
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:56:12]
thank you
for our records could I just ask you name please
I saw
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:56:24]
are there any other members of the public who wish to address Council
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:56:37]
councillors receive two motions this evening

12 Motions

motion won the joint motion on climate change can I please call on Councillor care Claire Young to move the motion
thank you Chair
[Cllr Claire Young - 0:56:52]
climate change is an issue that will affect generations to come far out living any particular Council administration
I am therefore delighted that we've been able to come together as a Council to put forward this motion
I would particularly like to thank in Bolton and Katie Cooper for proposing the scrutiny event that revise our original wording and John Hunt for the parts he played on the day in coming to an agreement
what this motion proposes will require unprecedented transformation in our area
the Industrial Revolution saw as harnessing the power of fossil fuels to do far more
more quickly than humans had ever done before
little people have realised and the impact this would have on our climate now we need a new revolution
we currently at one degree of warming above pre-industrial levels last autumn the Intergovernmental Panel on climate change reported on the huge increase in harm of 2 degrees of warming compared to one and a half degrees and yet the emissions cuts agreed at the Paris talks in 2 thousand 15 would only be sufficient to limit warming to 3 degrees
Even more hugely damaging to us and our planet
all too often in the past the environment has been dismissed as of not of major interest to the mainstream not an issue that the site puts food on the table but it's time to wake up this is an issue that puts food on the table as well as affecting our health are water supply are very security
there is a temptation when faced with an enormous problem to dismiss it as too difficult to solve and to expect some higher authority to fix it for you
to do that is to ignore the fact that we are all contributing to the problem and we all need to be part of fixing it
I am reminded of a project on acid rain I took part in as a child in the nineteen eightys
not only did open my eyes to the damage actions in one part of the world could do to the environment in another it also showed me the power of individuals working together to change things as one person I can fix the problem but collecting data alongside thousands of others led to governments taking action that did
many local residents want us to take action not least the young people who have been stating climate strikes and who have sent us such heartfelt letters
they also as we've been hearing what to take action themselves one of the local supermarket gave people the chance to recycle plastic packaging the uptake was so great they soon found themselves having to provide extra containers
the demand for change is out there and we need to seize that opportunity we need to find many more ways of helping people to do the things that will reduce our carbon emissions and save our planet
this isn't a problem we can fix alone the Council's direct emissions account for less than one and a half per cent of the total emissions far our area
we have a long history of working with partners to make changes we couldn't make on our own it will mean this working with other public bodies with businesses education institutions charities voluntary and community groups Town Parish Councils and as we heard with individual residents
it will also involve us identify barriers that need removing a policies that the changing at national or even international level level and lobbying for that
so it is not the time to list the many initiatives we might consider I'm pleased that we already have the first meeting of the climate change scrutiny group in our diary
we need to start taking action now tackling climate change needs to be become part of everything we do we can't go home tonight thinking box ticked job done voting for this motion is just the start
speaking at the World economic Forum in Davos in January Greta Thunberg said I want you to panic I want you to fear the fulfil the fear I feel every day and I don't want you to act as if the house was on fire because it is I ask you all to bring that sense of urgency to South Gloucestershire by supporting this motion
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:00:41]
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:00:43]
thank you Claire can I please now call on Councillor as Toby savage and Pat Rooney to second the motion
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:00:51]
[Cllr Toby Savage - 1:00:57]
the Chair Geoff thank you very much
legalised the eagle-eyed amongst you will notice I remove my tied itself is little hothead I can assure you that the only item of clothing
I hope it gets removed ERT during during this CERT during this item
thank you so much to all of our speakers the CPA and I welcome the constructive way that this Council has been able to address this important topic which does transcend party politics and outlasts
various administrations it's true that our climate does face serious challenges and I'm pleased we've been able to work together to meet them head on with with starting with this motion alongside the Liberal Democrat Democrat Group we to put forward a motion on this very subjects with Labour also putting forward as a scrutiny topic or consideration form so it's clear that we're all on the same page and delighted that Osud suggestion for the council to come together and work on this joint motion
has resulted towards this first step towards a carbon-neutral future which will benefit generations to come
this Council with made significant steps towards decreasing our carbon emissions over the past few years and reducing it by half over the past decade
and for that we can be proud the Council generates a significant amounts of renewable energy including two solar farms one of one of which leads directly to the Council and to Road officers and we generate renewable heat from biomass sources which totalled more than a million kilowatt hours
in 2 thousand 17 100 52 percent increase on the previous year would be an increase in rolling out LED street lighting
across the authority of that project has saved more than 10 thousand tonnes of CO2 and projected to save almost a foot or 14 thousand tonnes of CO2 and by the end of 17 or by the end of the 17 18 year
the Council's vehicle fleets that now includes 18 electric cars and with an aim to convert more in the future
we've reduced fuel costs and significantly reduced carbon emissions but with more and more conclusive
evidence and research highlighting the intensifying problem there is clearly a need to do more and quicker as the motion shows an as Clare's already said the emissions across South Sefolosha nonsense that substantial compared to elsewhere in the world or even in this country but that's not an excuse to bury our heads in the sand it's our responsibility to lead by example
and to look to central government to help us to make the necessary changes to policy that gives us the powers to continue our efforts and and see this through
all strive to address some of the comments that were raised by speakers a number of speakers referred to that there shouldn't be finger pointing and point scoring and I couldn't be with with you more on that and actually I think of this cross-party motion that is demonstrations of what we are intending to work together on this really excited to hear about the Community groups that are already forming across the districts
and that the so much enthusiasm to work with the Council on this agenda
we want to plant 14 thousand trees over the next three years but were working with the Woodlands Trust to understand how much more ambitious that we can be and to work with our schools and groups to ensure that we can plant many more trees
and particularly as we work towards National Tree Week
in in the net in the coming weeks
we've seen low emission buses at rolled out across the regions 77 biomethane buses
which will be operational by 20 21
electric charging points are being installed in both public and private locations through the Gulf Ultra Low programme there are currently 57 charging connections installed employer locations and with a further 64 planned within within the year and there are 30 electric charging connections planned in public locations across the authority to be installed by 20 21 there's always a debate about target dates or whether you should just should set yourself realistic targets that you know will be met or ambitious targets that you know will be a stretch on this issue I'd rather have ambition and fall short and soon play safe and will wonder if more could have been done the motion outlines a clear path ahead with a cross party working of Pskov OScrutiny Russian Task and finish Group helping to work work work on what is feasible in terms of making improvements and how they are our own Council emissions are minuscule compared to the rest at rest the district and while we have influence over a number of areas at the can help us make a difference it's not up to just of members and officers to implement those changes but also to work with the public and who who who we call on us as elected representatives to join us
in this feat that we have placed in front of ourselves so with that chair are outlets conclude run my remarks
thank you Council
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:05:59]
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:06:04]
councillor L Rooney A you must be now or later
[Cllr Pat Rooney - 1:06:08]
he thought Stevens attended tonight to speak so eloquently about this situation I very pleased to second this cross-party motion to declare a climate change emergency by this Council and the actions proposed to achieve net zero emissions by 20 13 as Clough rightly states within her quote it will be a step by step process raising awareness lip lobbying central government for more powers and funding and devising new exciting strategies of course in doing all this we must bring our communities along with us we need to ensure that the impact and burden of all the new strategies do not fall on the backs of our most vulnerable we need to commit to bringing new green skills and new green jobs to South Gloucestershire and considered the TUC is just transition programme which deals with these important issues
25 July will mark the 50th anniversary of man's first moon landing when Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon a huge carbon footprint but we saw from space how small and precious are in the world really is but if men and women had been due in ingenuity ambition aspiration and determination to achieve such a remarkably and massively collaborative feet 50 years ago then we should and must in 2 thousand and 19 demonstrate our determination and commitment in reaching an achieving our climate change goals locally and internationally
and reminded of the profound words spoken by Neil Armstrong when he stepped down from the latter that's one small step for man one giant leap for mankind these words can provide inspiration today for our climate change strategies and targets so as all the speakers have said let's get on with it let's act now and achieved something remarkable for our precious plans and our future generations
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:08:04]
I will now open the debate are there any Councillors who wish to speak to the item
councillor lamb
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:08:15]
[Cllr Jon Hunt - 1:08:18]
thank you Chair
I was very pleased to take part in the scrutiny climate change afternoon that we had just a couple of weeks ago when we worked on this motion together
the task of becoming carbon neutral is a complicated but certainly necessary one and it is also an urgent one
by declaring his climate emergency we take the first step to tackling the issue and we hope the implementation of an action plan will get us towards our target of carbon neutral between security
climate change will affect every one it's easy to say so it's worth putting into some figures
if we don't succeed and capping global temperature rise at one point 5 degrees and serve to degrees we will see over two and a half times more people exposed to extreme heat every five years causing deaths we receive double with a number of species lost and are having and fisheries coral reefs will be all but wiped times crop yields in the tropics will reduced over two point three times
when we detect a problem which has now become undeniable we must act
some people say that as a country or as an authority are emissions are negligible to the overall impact globally
whether it is true or not is irrelevant this is a problem that everyone needs to tackle in the harshest way possible in this Chamber in our communities need to be leaders to show that what we are up for these difficult fights and to lead by example
or someone with a young daughter who is not even started school yet I need to do I can to ensure she can grow up on a planet that doesn't suffer from the effects I talked that above
and I'm sure that all of us in here feel the same way and know someone in the same situation
if we can show it's possible to make issue changes in society locally and achieve carbon neutral by 20 30 or more emphasis will be on others to do in their areas and countries
as well
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:10:14]
members so many people put their hands up at the same time I wished to
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:10:19]
we've got all the names down I have cancelled Baguley
councillor Steve Reid Councillor Sam Bromley councillor Louise Harris and any others please
I started
storage area
let us keep Keep your hands up please Matthew
gang culture
surely not yet unless
it not rumbling
on it
the shelter lavishly
John Davis
it was withdrawn
updated certificate under
the snow
I use or returning
I have now in addition to those that I mentioned
Kate scooper
Louise Harris Matthew Riddle Joe Baguley Sanjay Nick Le Boucher Elizabeth burn
Bromley John Davis and Maggie Tyrrell
[Cllr April Begley - 1:12:01]
I congratulate those who brought this motion to the Council and I am addressing everyone the task ahead is challenging to say the least it not only challenges this Council but each of us individually I am to be brief so I am going to quote the motto belonging to one of the Scottish clans it is most appropriate for the position we are in with respect to what we are calling climate change
the motto of the clan is late but in earnest the Moto begins with the word late because these Cannes Mann did indeed come late to the battle about Crime in 15 45 but fought with great determination ferocity or earnestness the clan's efforts what success and an than the Moto given by the grateful Scottish Caine we are coming late to the magnitude of the actual chance before us some say we are very late some say we are even too late the word emergency is now being applied by some to the position we are in we must act now and with the determination of those Scots who report with such resolve and won the victory
when as understand we are late in coming to the realisation of the very real danger the planet is in we need to fight as hard as we can and hope we will avert the catastrophe some people think we otherwise might inevitably face
I will add the South got officer Nigel Riddlers word hope to what I am saying remember in the Greek story of Pandora's box the only thing left in the box when all the ills of the world had been let loose was hope itself I'm suggesting we come late but in earnest and hoping for the best we must get on and brook no delay this planet cannot wait
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:14:13]
councillor Steve recently
[Cllr Steve Reade - 1:14:20]
I just wanted it noted that the West of England Combined Authority are putting forward a climate emergency motion at the Committee meeting on Friday this coming Friday law what they are doing so far will pay dividends in terms of helping to lower our carbon footprint by supporting cycling was Woking rail and buses
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:14:45]
Beckett Street can I have some Bromley please
[Cllr Samuel Bromiley - 1:14:50]
thank you Chair today I am very proud to be a councillor and like many members of the public I was quite nervous when I heard emotionally put forward that it wouldn't go far enough or that will be so entrenched in political ideology that we would just go from an amendment to amendment in never actually get anywhere instead we've actually got a motion that addresses the seriousness of the situation we are in and I'd like to really commend the leadership of all the groups to get us to where we are today
a united front and been were the only few councils to do so
I am also pleased that South Gloucestershire will join councillors from Cornwall to Scotland
one of the public said it was rarely out with the phrase active collaboration
we will not be alone in this but we can work together with our neighbours and even further afield to really help solve this massive problem
I think it's a chance to be bold to take strong stance against climate change
although we as a Council may not be able to change the road between now and 20 30 we have been elected to a community we can change like pieces of a puzzle we can join you ever Council councils
pay a big picture of a country tactical tackling climate change
and that will make a global difference
I want the letters received by Council as one of the children says it perfectly
we are writing to you because you can help stop our areas climate emergency
we have realised global warming has disturbed RFC peace by pulling out fossilised plants
do you want to clean in happy environment not just for you but for everyone
with your help we may be able to turn the bad into good and he signs off the letter lots of hope
these children have taken the time to write to us today have grasped the seriousness of the situation something many people still don't do
they are realising the precarious situation we are in and recognising recognising that we as local Councillors can do something to help
I am a proud Councillor today
I am proud to support this motion
because like the child I have lots of hope and I am looking forward to the scrutiny commission coming up with lots of actions which in turn will lead to an even better place to live
one suggestion but any Winterbourne group about involving the public is fantastic and charities community groups businesses is paramount
there are thousands of people ready and willing so let's give them something to do
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:17:22]
councillor Louise Harris
[Cllr Louise Harris - 1:17:29]
I was amused by Claire Young story about acid rain and when she was at school or when acid rain first became a thing I was at Turf University of Policy to be precise and that it's it's a bit of Lib Dem history that is recorded in various publications that I and a group of young liberals went to the Swedish assent as 7th for the Swedish umpire ambassador in London to ask for political asylum on climate change grounds and which was in the evening Standard that time and various other places and that the funniest thing was as you would expect from Swedish officials they took us totally seriously explains that we couldn't claim political asylum without actually being in Sweden but we could apply to Swedish citizenship and came out and handed us the application forms reply Swedish citizens and my parents certainly thought that was the best bit of the whole thing that we were taken completely seriously so it
i've been interested in this sort of thing for a long time as a lot of you know I'm really pleased that we've got cross party agreement on this motion I'm also really pleased that we were able to agree to go to 20 30 knots 20 50 because 25th April just frankly me too late I know extinction rebellion who've been out and about in Bristol today are looking at 20 25 Well I'm a huge optimist but I think or I totally knowledge that even 20 30 is going to be really difficult so with due respect to my friends and family who have been out in the city centre from Bristol today I think we are looking at the right one at 20 30 now I've just been looking at an old report that I was involved in its her Eastleigh Borough Council which was a scrutiny report because in 2 thousand and 8 2 thousand and 9 Beacon Council for tackling climate change was won by EC by Council when I was Cabinet Member for Environment and Sustainability so I think I've got to some ideas that I can bring to this party which I am really looking forward to doing but I know from that experience that two most important things in this whole debate in getting this whole thing off the ground or showing leadership and community engagement both of which have been touched on a bit tonight and I was slightly disappointed I have to say with some of Toby's comments on timescales and the length of time things are going to be taking it has taken leadership is actually about doing it now and I would humbly its suggest the administration that maybe looking at doing things quicker than 20 21 and the street lights the LED street lights I was quite surprised when I was told how long that was going to be taking so maybe if we do pass this motion tonight which I hope we will part of the administration group can look at how they can actually speed up some of the good things that were poking about doing but with this hugely ambitious target and you know not making events about that is hugely ambitious we will need to get on with it quite a bit quicker than we have previously been hearing about and the point about showing leadership is you go out and do it you don't have to sort of you you can arrange things you can think about things so you can actually do it now not next year or the year after this
that's that's the beauty of being in administration and on community engagement we cannot do this without the public and we have heard from many Members of the public this evening and I know there are lots of other people who e-mailed me who I'm sure e-mailed all of us and I had the lovely letters from the school children as well so engaging with the public and during this together is the absolute key thing to taking it forward and there's so much we can do I certainly like the idea of setting up a panel or
of some description where we are sitting on it but we also get other people including Members from community groups involved I think that's a really good thing and certainly one of the things we did an equally all those years ago now was was have a whole one day conference in a local venue where we we had workshops we had speakers we should fail we did the whole whole thing that you would expect at an event like that and that work really well so things have moved on since then of course as things now much much better in terms of what we can actually do so
I really encouraged people to think about how they can engage with their local communities to to get this done
trees and election charging points have been brought up and that is one thing that really say on electric charging points at the moment we've got a handful in South Gloucestershire that is something the administration can do like in a couple of weeks is not a difficult thing to do is a really really easy thing to do that you could have quickly Kingston Council agreed about a month ago to put in 16 and I think they're going to have a Mormon within the next few months things like that are incredibly easy to do so I would say please just let's get on and do it planting trees again that is not a difficult thing to do Gamaa on Council land land that we own but we don't have to have any great arguments will debate about and just do it so I think that that is my main My main thrust of what I want to say tonight and talking up the back and we've had various Moon quotes already
where offs your bit fixated with it at the moment when my favourite one is of course from the moon speech made by John F Kennedy when he said we don't do these things because they're easy we do things lose things because they're hard and we do know this is hard but we haven't got any choice we've got to do it because it is the future of the planet at state and we in South gloss might be a small bit in a big puzzle when people talk about China does this in America does that and all the rest of it we have to take responsibility for what we are doing here and what we can do to be part of the bigger picture so that's what I urge all colleagues to to think about and
I'm really excited about this I think we can we can do great things here but yet it is hard but that doesn't mean we can't do it
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:23:35]
councillor Katie Cooper
I'll be very sure
[Cllr Katie Cooper - 1:23:41]
to say I am really proud to be part of the south coast perhaps Apple's council passes this motion to me the 20 30 deadline is absolutely crucial not only are we racing against the clock but it put it firmly purchases enormous task in our hands and we have to be the ones that take responsibility
to become carbon neutral by 2 thousand 30 will probably be the hardest task this Council has ever set itself and it will need support the national government cross-party working in the Council and a massive shift in public perception but David Attenborough has predicted that the polluting of Planet was soon provoke as much at Hauritz a slavery
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:24:20]
councillor Matthew Riddle
[Cllr Matthew Riddle - 1:24:24]
thank you very much Chair
I know that the moon is very topical at the moment but driving near the Scottish evening I was quite moved to tears actually because President Nixon had a speech ready in case the the astronauts never came back from the moon
and it was very moving and I just hope that how generation doesn't have to make the speech to say that we failed on this very important topic this Council is note about 23 years old and I think this is the most important motion that we've had at this Council certainly in my time over those 23 years
if reflect black on our families I know in my own family in my grandfather's time the big issue then was keeping peace in Europe
in my father's time it was about trial of grown-up food to feed the country
I think for our generation
it's about climate change it is a very serious I was heartened to hear from Toby about all the initiatives that this Council has done over the last few years and we are proud of those initiatives that we've done a lot of it was a new technology innovation thinking a little differently
but tonight I think marks a step change to something even better and greater
and of course is not just about carbon it's not just about carbon dioxide there are other greenhouse gases like methane
nitrous oxide
some types of ozone and fluorocarbons that we also need to tackle so let's not just think about calm dockside there are other gases to
to consider
and I think my profession in agriculture does have a very important part to play
I won't go through some of the initiatives that are taking place in agriculture at the moment but I think with so much of our South Gloucestershire in rural 80 per cent of South Gloucestershire is rural we just do need to reach out to our farming communities in South Gloucestershire and worked with them about initiatives that they can do to try and reduce carbon and actually start reversing the carbon problem so I very much with colleagues across the floor I'm looking very much forward to working on the scrutiny commission a Task Force on this and I am absolutely certain that when we get to the two 20 30 we don't have to write a letter or make a speech to say that we failed thank you
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:27:16]
councillor Joe Root
[Cllr Jo Buddharaju - 1:27:22]
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:28:36]
councillor Sanjay Sharma please
[Cllr Sanjay Shambhu - 1:28:52]
thank you Chair said climate change is a personal affair as you know I was born in India where
the variations in climate event in the air is significant
I have seen extreme hot summers
cold winters and Rennie seeds
on top of that
in New Delhi you would see the small level throughout the year 600 percent higher than the held the limit
did are some of the examples we have already seen and we don't want to
reach there and that's the reason this climate change emergency today is so important for us and I am proud that it's not only a cross-party motion today but so many people in the audience they supported this bit person encourage so thank you all feel
so as Councillor service and many other said we are a Council directly producing very small percentage of SouthGloucester shire emissions
for slightly less than one and half percent
and it is important that we work with partners both in public and private sectors to further this work
there's space industry is a very prominent employed in my ward and I believe that it is important to support the work of industry leaders like air was road users and others
to part of the solution and to reduce aviation involvement of impacts
the work of fell was included pioneering work to deliver hybrid aircrafts such as I find eggs
and to add to that today I drove
in an
electric car producing good relations
we also need to ensure that drivers to turn published with jointly to further research to
to ensure that the person using the clubs are produced Basil carbon neutral basis
I would also like to quote a few other areas for example the construction industry Sheldon graves is home to Bovis Whitehill and many other builders and they do
contribute to the pollution in in different ways and we need to work with them to ensure that
they also become carbon neutral
the other area which I would like to bring it in your attention to this surveys the safety industry the fire which takes place in many areas in south Merseyside they do produces produced significant amount of pollution the latest examples in the Premier Inn fire today
in a and Cribbs Causeway far started at two o'clock the fleet and it still being being a been built on
if the technology is used to reduce such incidents this will contribute to our goal of achieving a reduced tradition
and another example history is that last month
our country became the first G7 country to be
called free to to have called for electricity for two weeks so the other initiatives I believe
we should work towards and ensure that we as as part of the scrutiny commission and
goodness Scrutiny Commission should further together and before I answered I'd like to do make
2 comma 30 percent that we don't inherit the Earth from our ancestors we borrow it from children
thank you
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:32:50]
Letitia in place
[Cllr Nic Labuschagne - 1:32:57]
I Henderson J despite my deceptive whispered Country accents don't come from
why weren't
born in this country
I know what crime etc. what a hot climate is what one degree or two degrees would matter and know that that's what problems it would cause her world
combating the problems of climate change as an issue really close to my heart and I have been inspired by members in the SA in this Council who have worked together
to achieve this and also inspired by the members of the public who have
done some sets of amazing things and have really
driven me to take this further
especially obviously as I am
the Councillor for winterbourne I am especially thankful to the Winterbourne Group who have come up with some amazing ideas who have done some some some really important work in Winterbourne in regard to the to the environment and and and thank him for that
and I especially think that that their suggestion of involving members of the public isn't is is a really important issue and we should be addressing that I also heartily agree with the Councillor reads point about Wecker and and looking at some of the work that they during around the the an issue customer heart as well the winter Winterbourne fanton bypass together with the culprit Ethan Westley bypasses that hopefully one will reduce congestion and aid in the public transport progress it was spoken about some but the one to one group about about having to travel everywhere by cars and let's see what we can do that I believe that is a vital step in reducing emission responsible for planning permissions and looking forward to the actions of the scrutiny committee and I'm looking forward to the cross-party work working
like Sam and so many others here are very proud tonight to be counselling this Council
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:35:05]
councillor Elizabeth Bromley
[Cllr Elizabeth Bromiley - 1:35:12]
thank you Chair unlike my colleagues from my percent Alex and you can definitely tell I was born in this country
and also to echo my colleague Sanjay that old proverb we don't inherit the Earth from our ancestors we borrow it from our children I think has been so well demonstrated by those letters and the ceding any it hits hard and
but with this proposed motion I'm so invigorated by I'm so encouraged by it and I feel that I encourage you it's so important all back this let's pass or it is the right thing to do
and as many colleagues have mentioned this evening it is a unifying topic which is an increasingly rare quality these days to let's run with it
let's lead on this regardless of what other countries are doing in an Ernespie that exam thank you
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:36:10]
that's what John Davis
[Cllr John Davis - 1:36:17]
thank you Chair and I do like to reflect on their Councillors and days thanks to all of the members of public that have come here and put forward your ideas I'd also like to note my thanks
mainly to the number of children on the road from the local school specifically Lauren Jasmine mere Lily Allen Eloise Jessica Rees and Hayden who will wrote to me directly their ideas show that in the next generation are going to be the ones that actually will probably make the change we does need to leave the next generation to that change
and it's the perfect time to do it I work in part in the private sector the same as Councillor Scott in the insurance industry and our company gives you volunteer days where you can go are half of my team to date was planting trees in Bristol and that was a fully paid day off to go and pantries in Bristol
is the perfect time for this motion to go through because so many people as evidenced by the disruption in Bristol are actively seeking answers and want to work on this and I am very proud as all the other Councillor seemed to be to support this motion on and hopefully we can hit 23 and if we're lucky 20 25
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:37:34]
councillor Maggie thorough
[Cllr Maggie Tyrrell - 1:37:40]
thank you Chair outlined tend to be pretty brief and it very clear
that Councillors on all sides of this Chamber are in full agreement that we go forward with this work as quickly as we can
I know how thorough scrutiny commission I can regulate certainly don't underestimate the challenges in front of us
but I am reassured that we will have lots of help in that work from all Members of Council
I do think however
that we've heard a lot of really good things tonight about how engaged everybody is in and I am certainly ready really happy to see so many members of the public here and I think they are at the forefront of what I senses her quite a big movement now amongst the public that will help us
but I think if we go much further to know each will be in danger of just
doing a bit of fun
agreeing with each other and trying to outdo ourselves to prove our credentials so I want my suggesting that it might be a good idea to wind up at this point that we can turn the lights off
go home tonight and come back to do the real work at scrutiny
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:39:11]
thank you Maggie to clarify have in fact three other cancers that have asked to speak Sandra Davis Andrea Read and Mike drew so I will now ask Sandra Davis to the dresses
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:39:34]
Sandy Davis so
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:39:38]
Andrea re
[Cllr Andrea Reid - 1:39:44]
I am delighted as a new Councillor as citizen and a mum to be able to support this motion and I'm gonna be optimistic some kind of picking up the vibe here I'm going to congratulate the Council in advance on taken advice their decisive step
but I am also relieved to hear recognition that this motion is a step
we are at the beginning of a tough journey it's full of unknowns and solutions to explore
yet the means to act as urgent
as a Council we put in our political differences aside and tackling the global crisis together
because none of us will be unaffected if we fail to act
I hope we can continue to meet Unite in tackling this together and do so robustly and proactively making use of the many resources we have in our own local communities environmental groups in the scrutiny and I would like to say thank you to the public that came here tonight and to the various groups that offered their help and we will be in touch thank you let's treat this as emergency
[Cllr Andrea Reid - 1:40:47]
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:40:57]
[Cllr Mike Drew - 1:40:59]
thank you I wish to express a note of optimism if we fell with the climate change the ERDF will still
be here
life will still it sits on the earth maybe some human kind made it sits on the earth what won't it set as our current civilisation it will not cope with all the changes that the and pressures that developed from the failure to tackle climate change so that no advances and I hope we all support this
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:41:36]
members that concludes the list that I have of members
[Cllr Rachael Hunt - 1:41:46]
am I can decide to spend listening to the some really fantastic speeches actually snow has been very inspiring and
I won't repeat everything has already been said but I just am noted the the idea of acting now so
given the way we should be very proud of our record levels of recycling in South loss I am I that we've got any way such trustee is promoting an even more progressive targets is currently out to public consultation I am residents are playing a vital part in bringing up those record levels of recycling side will encourage the public to take part and have their say consultation closes on the 27th September and hopefully that's one item that we can push forward immediately and get the ball rolling
thank you to
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:42:32]
Councillor Young would you ask propose a like to speak before we move to the vote
[Cllr Claire Young - 1:42:41]
On just be very brief I think we have recurring the recurring theme to have heard of the huge challenge that we face the need to work with our communities and with partners and some of highlighted industries including the aerospace industry and agriculture
we've heard about the need to provide leadership and the desire to do this for our children and generations to come and I speak as an apparent
I have been delighted by the number of local people have engaged with us tonight and in the lead-up to tonight's debate
and to echo Councillor Harris let's get on with it
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:43:13]
members I shall now move to the vote all those in favour please indicate
thank you
all those against
any abstentions
the motion is carried
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:43:43]
members can I draw your attention that we still
a second motion to debate
and also we have quite a large agenda
I think we will need to
suspend Standing orders because it's quite clear that we are going to go on beyond 11 o'clock I suspect so can I please have an indication that you are prepared to
suspend Standing orders
I will also now propose a 5 minute comfort break for those who are may have been drinking an awful lot of water
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:50:23]
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:50:24]

12 Motions

[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:50:40]
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:50:41]
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:51:47]
members on April proposed to move on motion to
teaching to learn not to test
can I please could call on Councillor Jane Stansfield to move the motion
[Cllr Jayne Stansfield - 1:52:03]
I want to stop I took out my children's holiday when they ring me Essex back in 2 thousand and 4 they used to come home from school board staff every day in the Essex because throughout that year they did nothing except that I sat 6 am to do practice Sats papers and they loved learning they love good skull and they said to me why is it Mammy that were having to do all this instead of learning things that will enable us to do even better on these tests we have to defend the here and there so right there's a saying in the educational world that you don't make a pig's are fatter by weighing it which they apply to site their testing without any learning
if we look at the situation now 15 years on it's exactly the same children are going through primary school and wasting time revising for tasks that have brought no benefit to them all to that teachers that purely there as I don't know some sort of overarching thing to compare like with like across the country they are and that they do not benefit the children order teachers at best education practice was a plethora of educational research that shows the educational practice users assessments reform teachers and learners about what are the next steps they should take in their learning it's more local it's more individualised and it helps people stay engaged in the learning process the stats don't do that and I think we'll take it as given that parents and teachers would support this other I don't go into all of the evidence for that as well that if we look I am up to what's happening nationally in Westminster I had a quick look back at some of the Education Committee reports and in 2 thousand 17 hours to Commons Education Committee said that Sats are having a negative effect on children's educational well-being i'm where an Arts and Humanities being neglected in favour of maths and English to ensure that children passed the exams so that in 2 thousand 17 and in 2 thousand and 18 are saying the same thing the cross-party committee of MPs warned that children are in danger of it danger at risk of developing mental health problems over Sats testings which can have a negative effect on their education and well being
are there was a recent report in 2 thousand 19 that the Independent reported about a month ago and reporting on a survey of parents who are saying that 10 per cent of children who are getting mental health issues as of survey results of the stress caused by SACRE tests
when such were introduced back with the national curriculum they were never intended as a means of comparing pupil against pupil they were introduced as a way of measuring schools across the country to help raise standards in schools that were under performing
they were not meant to be putting small children under intense pressure caused by the teachers who are now measured on their salary increases on how well the children do and all sorts of other issues like that so they anxiety of adults is being pushed on to the children
and so I support this motion would be supporting scrapping the test and returning to trust in teachers allowing teachers to make judgements on the children that are in their care those or
as I said there is a wealth of educational research that supports this view and there was a paper published only two months ago in May 20 19 in the Journal of child psychologists psychiatry that says we have demonstrated a remarkably high agreement between teacher assessments and standardised tests in other words the teachers can do the job they don't need these tests they know how to do it
and they also say in this report that the financial pedagogical emotional cost of high state testing a substantial especially compared to the modest benefits modest benefits will save money by scrapping basis as well
as the people read the report say they view they receive their results are support for standardisation and white support for the Surrey on misreading and stay up again for the wider use of teacher assessments and reduction of testing joined compulsory education we should trust teachers to implement the curriculum and to monitor students' progress abilities and inclinations this would arguably benefit the Well being students as well as teachers and health enjoy back into the classroom and that's in line with what parliamentary pairs of saying as well as parents teachers and children across the country so I would urge all of you please to support this motion to scrap tests on to put control back into the hands of the teachers thank you
can I now call upon Councillor Ben Nutland to support the motion please
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:57:30]
it's all
thank you Mr. Chairman is a great honour to make my maiden speech in
[Cllr Ben Nutland - 1:57:39]
this chamber tonight as a newly elected councillor in May
it's been a great honour so far as to serve with everyone in this Chamber on the toy site lay beside and on my own team
is also great on its right to make a speech on a subject that I feel most passionate bout which is education
I stand here tonight not only as a Councillor but represented at all the parents within my ward as a school governor who has witnessed first-hand the high stakes Hassan has on children and teachers as also someone who's taken Sats
now I believe in high standards in this motion tonight isn't low in standards is about protection of children and teachers from the effect that high-stakes testing has on a yearly basis to their mental health
is mental health effects continue all the way to GCSE or schools use Key stage 2 attainment has set a target children all the way through the secondary phase under pressure placed by numerous schools desperate map to maximise our league tables students are longer with expectations for the year is based on one day in Year 6 against all available advice lays out the sites have no real benefits that will look to the real world I don't know how many people have taken Sats
I get
why can ask you have you ever been asked what you're Key stage 2 matters or was in job interview
my point exactly Council
I would hope that Members back this merchants and I certainly cannot teachers teach our children learn and can protect this generation from increased pressure at time when it should be enjoying their school days thank you
thank you I would now like to open the debate are there any Councillors who wish to speak to the open yes Kemp Councillor Kevin
Alison sorry you first
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:59:30]
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 1:59:32]
and then Erica and then Trevor
I would like to highlight the detrimental effect that high-stakes
[Cllr Alison Evans - 1:59:44]
testing is having on our pupils and our teachers mental health the prime Minister Theresa May's pledge to provide extra funding to train teachers to spot the early warning signs of mental health why not mitigate some of the factors leading to this mental stress in the first place as a teacher of 20 years' experience I have witnessed the continual erosion of the creative curriculum in favour of the high pressure literacy and numeracy treadmill both teachers and children suffer from the burden of standardised testing and the pressure and teaching to the test
as a teacher I would implore you to support this motion and send the message to all teachers in South gloss we trust your judgement
teachers are trained professionals who are hashing it's about the education of their pupils please trust us to know what is best for our children and respect us to be able to assess what our children now for the assessment cycle that we use every day
standardised tests don't even give a true reflection of a child's ability as there are a great number of factors especially for vulnerable children that can affect a child's performance on a given day
I agree that holding schools to account is vital to ensure that all children are receiving a good or better education however high stakes testing as a way to judge a school in its teachers is detrimental to the children we are trying to support by teaching to the test the rich creative curriculum is squeeze out to enable our six and seven-year-olds to cram for a test where they need to be able to identify an expanded noun phrase placed the possessive apostrophe in the correct place and distinguish between coordinating and subordinating conjunctions in a booklet on one given day
with a climate emergency motion passed tonight creativity is a vital skill that our children will need to innovate future solutions to global warming
with this in mind I urge you to think of your 7 year old self or a 7 year old you know is a Spag test how you would like their infant education to be measured
education be or should be about so much more than that
in Finland which has the best results in Europe students do not take any nationally mandated tests until they are 18 and teaching is the most highly regarded profession in the country I would argue the to come hand in hand trust respect and support the teachers in South loss and I am sure you will see an increase in teachers' attention and an improvement in the mental health and well being of pupils and teachers
teachers across the country are asking to be trusted to assess their pupils without the use of high-stakes testing the National Education Union Union have just published the results of their biggest ever indicative ballot of primary members on high-stakes testing the wrote returned 97 percent in favour of supporting the campaign against sites please join me in supporting this motion and sending a clear message to our parents and our teachers that we are listening to them
[Cllr Alison Evans - 2:03:07]
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:03:11]
[Cllr Erica Williams - 2:03:12]
chair I would like to put forward an amendment to this to the original motion but also for the sake of expediency I would like to include two small changes from our Liberal Democrat Members please and the two changes are
this Council also note notes point 1 delete
this was the original intention of sites
and adding at the end of Council therefore resolves point 1 delete feeding back to Cabinet by April 20 20
the outset
thank you
been stopped this seat
various I think very much with that guy
but what I would like I would actually like to say is while there might be married to the sentiment of the original motion offering supports was schools our teachers and most importantly the children
it doesn't offer any evidence to back up what would be a substantial commitment for this Council by taking sides on what is a national debate
as our amendment states the motion gives no substance that actually offers the lay of the land in South Gloucestershire it offers nothing bar a single sample statistic from cheap teaching unions that his unsupported in our area
this administrations number one priority is to improve our school standards but that can only be achieved if we listen to our schools across the district something this motion has been to ahead of itself today hence we propose scrutiny into this very important issue
this amendment takes into account the original purpose of sites a way of measuring performance and their performance against other schools alongside giving parents a measure that will then support them in assessing whether charges and highlight any gaps that are missing asked the child and her what level this can then inform future planning
having spoken to officers who are not only regularly in touch with our head teachers
but in some cases have been head teachers themselves there's no real opinion around any alternative they have said they also flaws in the system but would also not once seen no accountability and unless we replace the sites or refine the sense they said there is a preference to have them in place as a way of judging performance than nothing at all
there would be a danger that without a form of testing a child who goes through their primary and secondary is that any external check on progress
given these views differ substantially from the tone of the motion it is important we work in partnership with our schools to establish what is best for the future generations South Gloucestershire
Over the coming months I will be visiting a number of our primary schools including two of our higher performers tomorrow
I am keen we celebrate success and to recognise the work of our primaries but I will be asking them directly about their thoughts on the testing process to get the first pounds opinions and kickstart opposed enquires thank you check
councillor Trevor Jones
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:07:21]
I certainly
thank you Chair
[Cllr Trevor Jones - 2:07:29]
I feel positively ancient at this point in my 30 seconds as a school governor and marked with my younger daughter being the only one of 58 people's bequeathed to complete her sacks cycle in primary school I am somewhat concerned by the inconsistency of the original motion which asks this case of join calls for Sats to be scrapped and offers to support the schools that want to move away from statutory testing but makes no consideration the position of schools who are not that way inclined
were then done those schools a disservice by simply signed up to campaign where we don't know everybody's opinions this again is why it's important to our scrutiny commission to get the bottom of the whole situation thinking
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:08:16]
thank you I am will now open the debate into the amendment I am told that the amendment is appearing on your screens I can't read it from here but I'm sure it's there
so I have St Joe's
indicated you want to speak
I wanted to bring me back to just two points are satisfied childrens's
[Cllr Sanjay Shambhu - 2:08:43]
are very important to so I have a 5 year olds and
the first thing is is that
said I suggest as one has already been a
proposed whether central warden to be made non mandatory from 20 23 so that is something better
it was your point the second thing is when the site was started it was it's not a test of POS and felt it a test of measuring it a child's level of attainment so keeping these to appear in mind I or I would say that the proposed amendment
it a way forward because we need to work towards improvement and that's what it proposes thank you sir
councillor Monk
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:09:35]
we've children I've taken sides think you will find the children are
[Cllr Adam Monk - 2:09:45]
told they favour passed or not passed because they are merged together to achieve a particular point at the end of their primary education and they ever achieved that without energy and set a danger of the current situation or very those measure attainment children start their secondary education if a feeling really well pleased that they've achieved or really disheartened because they failed because have to eat the after achieved the level of this that which is our whatever Cameron with a great scored but they are told they Viva passed or failed so when some children starting secondary education they are already disengaged and that's not necessary a measure of our attainment as a measure of attainment on a particular day and that is the flaw in the current system
the move
sorry Alison Evans
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:10:45]
i'm corrected Alison Evans
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:10:48]
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:10:50]
I say that as a year 2 teacher that actually has to give my class
[Cllr Alison Evans - 2:10:57]
sites I am very fortunate very lucky that I have a head teacher and a staff that ensure that our curriculum is still very creative and we try our very best to make sure these two of them don't know that are actually taking their Sats and make it into a very fun week but I know from a lot of colleagues across Bristol and South Gloucester this isn't always the case and there is a lot of pressure teach to the test which is very very detrimental its detrimental to children's health in its detrimental to teachers' wellbeing
in my school this I've been in year 2 for a very long time that this is the first year in five years we fought through the whole of year-to without one teacher going off with stress long-term stress and this is because even though our school is a creative school the pressure when it comes to actually that week that we take we take that pressure we absorb it away from our children because that's the kind of teachers we are and the kind of school we are
the accountability that you were talking about Eric doesn't come from sacks it comes from the fact that as a teacher I went into this profession to teach children to make sure that children learnt in their own way and their individual way and they actually succeeded not just to teach them spag and maths and literacy and the things that are tested for actually to make sure each individual child feels empowered with their own skills and strength and I believe with the scrutiny that we're going to do you will find that the any year results of 97 percent of teachers against Sats you will probably find that in South gloss so
I would like to be on that scrutiny committee and I would like to help sort that problem out thank you
plus the Johnstone's Phil
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:12:50]
[Cllr Jayne Stansfield - 2:12:54]
i'm bright so first of all this with regard to the site's all would back up what Alison Adams has just said about the the what the SAP gives tier as a teacher is nothing it's what's called a summative test which is testing the children at the end of a course of learning and that no feedback into the teaching protect profession from that that can help that child to learn and move forwards what is actually needed to prove to promote learning is what's called formative assessment where there's immediate feedback from the learner to the teacher that enables learning however in terms of this amendment taking the whole issue to scrutiny will actually show up exactly what myself on Alison are saying because the wealth of educational research supports bat points of view and the need to retain the professionalism to the teachers so
yep that's it
councillor Mike through
thank you Chair
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:13:56]
[Cllr Mike Drew - 2:14:00]
and gladly can serve his her of amended their own change to their amendment
to delete the reference to the testing of children could be imparted original scheme for science I think if someone just if you just tight sand and tuition into Google you'll get a huge list of people
offering tuition for
a whole status of sites and this is totally up again what should be done education should be when schools not hot housing individuals
primary age children to try and pass a test which as others have said as not particularly meaningful water that education without is infusing
children particularly the young ones are about learning not to have a one-issue well-adjusted facing
a test after test
I think that when it comes to scrutiny it will demonstrate the issues later Jane has answered suppressed in her proposals
so while we are debating the amendment adds very much to the to what we originally achieved we run to oppose it
councillor Maggie Tyrrell
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:15:28]
thank you Chair
[Cllr Maggie Tyrrell - 2:15:32]
for some very pleased to see that deserve an end date put on this now because scrutiny is going to be extremely busy and
and this must not drift
it's it's so important to to a generation of children to get this right and if we can through scrutiny provide evidence or from a whole range of of
of different sources from the educational journals papers right through to the people
o ground-floor experiencing this firsthand then I think it will be a valuable piece of work to to be able to evidence what are what we are putting forward and to
give weight to what we hope this Council will take forward as its policy and as its
as it's campaigning voice to try and put an end to these tests
councillor Louise Harris
thank you
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:16:48]
[Cllr Louise Harris - 2:16:49]
there has been confusion going on with with the both the as where things have been said about amendment at from the opposite side which is a shame because I certainly remember when sanctions were introduced I've got a very much younger brother who was one of the first I think the first or the second year to actually do science and is absolutely correct to say that when he did his sats which I'm trying to member what's probably about 19 90 it the top horse then about sacks being to test the schools and test the teachers or make sure the job was being done properly but certainly by the time my own children came to do them a bit after that about 10 years after that the emphasis was absolutely on then passing or failing whether they got a grade level 4 or Level 5 or level 6 and everyone knew in the year at 6 that a Level 4 meant you were OK Level 5 meant that you were exceeding in a level 6 meant that you know you were real genius and people ready Sang-ho well if you need five or six to go to university and this is when my children were both 10 and that's pretty extraordinary thing to say to a 10 year old if you get this level you're going to university and if you don't you won't I consult your Member my elder daughter who is extremely conscientious student unlike a mother who actually achieved a first degree and and a master's at sitting in her bedroom crying because she hadn't done enough provision she was 10 and a half and I had to stop her doing revision for her Sats also had the same problem and to their GCSE exams but at least by then it was a bit more fired so I find it really odd that there are some people here may be as parents they didn't experience it is precisely this was my experience and there now I'm so slightly ahead of Michael thinking on the same lines as him because I really put such tuition near me into Google and straight away comes up the top 30 affordable Sats tutors in my area which is really nice to know there's also that a venerable institution Mumsnet has got pages and pages about tutors for Sachs and how important it is to give your child the best state a better chance they can possibly have this absolutely loads of stuff on here about how to get your child how to pay for your child to pass that sacks now you might say that no parents ambitious parents parents who are caring might want to I urge to do whatever they like to get their children through Sats but clearly there's a whole culture that has developed around this idea of you have to pass your sense otherwise all these people wouldn't be owning any money they wouldn't even other business to to get through so I do find the idea that it still there there to test the schools when they are there to test the children and the and locate scrutiny is one way of doing it I suppose I won the way it's written there's no evidence I can't quite read it is the opinion of schools in South Gloucestershire well there again that there is masses of evidence about what teachers think about sense and we've heard from teachers on this side tonight and I think I'd far rather believe them then that some of my other colleagues who might or might not be teachers and and I want to take no part in the in the conservative union bashing either the teachers' unions are that you speak for their profession the same as any other union is there to speak for its professions or it let's just be clear on that from a bit disappointed to be honest that there is this view out there even after all the evidence there is that Les South Gloucestershire within some amazing bubble which I don't think it is that even with all of us not hear elected that sacks somehow magically in South Gloucestershire are used for schools and not to test the children and the children South Gloucestershire onto way of what upon us or failures
thank you
Kirk Councillor Matthew Riddle please
thank you very much earlier I think is very sensible that we take this
[Cllr Matthew Riddle - 2:21:05]
to the are scrutiny commission for a proper look at at this issue I know speaking so are a governor of a very rural school yesterday in in South Gloucestershire Hermine be if I can completely
empathise and agree with her that in a very rural school where you've only just got for students taking a year 6 as site if two of them as is the case in the school have got a sense that children with special educational needs and disabilities that the pass rates for their school for that last year was only 50 percent now when you start comparing the schools and in which the better schools using that data obviously that school when it would never are shine a competitor to better the the cobalt because of the very small numbers in that school and the fact obviously that am substitutes have got SEN so I think we also need to look at report how did have the Sats is reported to ensure that schools are treated fairly and you
thank you Councillor Tony Davis place
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:22:18]
that is
[Cllr John Gawn - 2:22:25]
thank you Chair
i'm a rather strange opinion that
[Cllr Tony Davis - 2:22:30]
young children went to school for education
i'm not necessarily pass tests
I think there is abundant evidence to say that there they're actually of no use whatsoever
I would trust the teachers because that's their professionals and we'd seem to trust professionals on other things so why can't we trust them on this
I trust
I do note there are being number reports about the much-vaunted grammar schools
and I find actually that the student set 10 to get in to the grammar-school are the ones that higher in special teachers to teach them how to pass that the test for the grammar school and I think this is what Sats become it's actually a race for the schools to say Well yeah we got lots of people doing this and doing that is of no use to them whatsoever so I would actually pose a question if this goes through and it goes to the
scrutiny commission
after they had done their research
and I firmly believe
it will come out to say no though a load of rubbish and we ought to do actually agree with what they say now
Will the Executive say 0 yes you were right and were adopted
councillor Toby savagely
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:24:03]
i'm Chair thank you I think there is support for our amendment we've
[Cllr Toby Savage - 2:24:06]
already got opposition councillors volunteering to be on parts of the offer to be on the scrutiny task and finish group answered I'd suggest we move to the vote please
does Councillor Eric Williams wished to summer
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:24:21]
so we will now vote on the amendment
those in favour Bishop
those abstaining
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:24:41]
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:24:50]
we will now return to the main motion as amended
does any Member wished to speak or do we move to the vote Councillor Savage
[Cllr Toby Savage - 2:25:06]
i'm Chair thank you just answer Councillor Davis's question to date the administration's grief over 90 percent of the recommendations that have come through and from Scrutiny Commission and that on the basis that we have heard the evidence upon which to come to a view and what this exercises asking this is for a similarly thorough investigation to be done for the evidence to be gathered and that you're not just Alison's experience but the experience of other colleagues working within our schools so we can come to an informed decision and not make or what would have been quite varied for a very significant decision today on very scant evidence
to date the amendment moved
councillor Stansfield do you wish to
comment on the summer
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:26:00]
I am OK so I think the amendment is made quite a significant change to
[Cllr Jayne Stansfield - 2:26:07]
what we originally proposed because it's not going to scraps though for scrapping sat straight away and I still stick with the original proposal that we should stop scrap the sites
because as I said and other Members have said that the Sats are detrimental to children's health and wellbeing and they do not give any benefits to the children or to the teachers
however taking the issue to scrutiny does mean that will have the opportunity to dissect it find out what the facts are and represent them to Council so
I think that sums up the situation from my point of view thank you
thank you Councillor Stansfield will now move to the vote on the amended motion
those in favour please indicate
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:27:04]
thank you those against
those abstaining
the amended motion is carried
ITEM 7 partitions to any Councillors have petitions to present
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:27:28]
councillor Matthew Riddle

7 Petitions

[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:27:34]
Green and this was a green in Down Road there's been 7 trespassers
[Cllr Matthew Riddle - 2:27:50]
says there are since 2 thousand 12 the last one I was a few weeks ago it was the worst one in terms of anti-social behaviour and damage caused to the green and there are 400 61 signatures calling on behalf calling on the Council to put in measures stop further trespassers thank
thank you Matthew can I ask you to leave the petition on the table and
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:28:18]
it will be collected at the end
note Sandra
[Cllr Jo Buddharaju - 2:28:28]
I could share this medicinal about
[Cllr Sanjay Shambhu - 2:28:34]
road Resurfacing concerns across Patchway
of the expedition sometime in late January and had closed and on the third appearance
I thought
so the traditional routes we are very grateful to Salt Lake said Sanjay can I suggest if you sit down you'll be a little bit closer to the
microphone and will be better
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:29:05]
[Cllr Sanjay Shambhu - 2:29:05]
we are very grateful to sort Wisconsin for resurfacing Coniston Road
the current state of road surface on on Sycamore Drive Willow Close Cedar Close Farsi close last robust Close Rodborough Road and Hawthorn Close
is poor and full with numerous potholes in shall we plan to raise issues with councils about fixing potholes however since the general state of the road itself is poor the bottles treatment would not solve the issue the poor state of lost causes labelled inconvenience to residents several parts of the roads on Hawthorn Close and Firtree Close was a significant hazards to children as they come out for plain
since veers does this petition Hawthorn Close has already been resurfaced so thank you for that
thank you Sanjay I will move on in a second but can I make a general
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:30:06]
observation please with our new equipment which I think is a vast improvement on what we had before it is quite obvious that term it
is it is
better that Members remain seated because they're that much closer to the microphone and I think we will find it easier
in that case if you wish to stand of course you you are more than welcome but it's just a case of making sure that your voices heard Joe can I ask you to put your
shall forward
[Cllr Jo Buddharaju - 2:30:39]
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:30:48]
[Cllr Jo Buddharaju - 2:30:48]
thank you for that will you leave the petition on the table and it will be collected a conclusion
Castle Hopkinson
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:32:03]
okay I'm
[Cllr Brian Hopkinson - 2:32:08]
petition half a council to implement necessary measures to stop rat-running in Passage Road Cribbs Causeway are a worthy cause
traffic from m to Bristol on a crisp Causeway regularly diverts into the Passage Road when his jams
increasing significant safety risks to residents of Hazel Grove Gardens Passage Road and close the speed limit on the A4 0 1 8 is 50 miles per hour and motorists frequently drive at high speed into the residential areas children and elderly residents are at high risk of accident due to regular rat running in Passage Road you are concerned about parking as many visiting ludicrous to Bristol partner cars on Passage Road which also causes regular inconvenience to residents therefore the Committee petitioned to Cyprus Council to look into the above and employer implement necessary measures to prevent this rat-running and prevent visiting motors to Bristol from parking at passage Road The Close and Hazel Brook Gardens
thank you for that Councillor Atkinson can you leave the petition on the table as before and it will kill him with afterwards
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:33:21]
we will now move to Item 8 questions

8 Questions

[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:33:29]
are you will note that there are in fact 27 questions that have been there table so we will attempt to do so through those as fast as we can
Councillor Scudamore do you have a supplementary question for Councillor Savage
up yes please Geohaghon
[Cllr Kim Scudamore - 2:33:52]
councillor Savage I presume the answer came from the Executive Member for Communities and tourism
the correct
or the Premier
the racket bug
Uncle views and
I am
I noticed in the reply that to you talk about the
international significance of the equestrian event had badminton my question is what's South Gloucestershire represented at that event and what was the message that we delivered to visitors
he thought
thank you Kim for that question my and does not vital mae'n standing is that the Chair of Council attended
[Cllr Toby Savage - 2:34:34]
the Badminton Horse trials this year as the Chair of Council does stone does do add kudos do every year to represent surrounded by this Council of what is a very significant international events
for information Members I can confirm that indeed I did that there has required requested
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:34:53]
councillor young do you have a supplementary question for Councillor
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:34:59]
Savage in relation to your question
yes thank you Chair I Dave and thank you to the Leader for his answer
[Cllr Claire Young - 2:35:07]
but I think teachers reform is residency fell into counts firstly because important information was either hidden away in the small print like a brief mention of consultation the waste strategy or not mentioned at all like Humbert lights restrictions secondly because some people wish to keep a public political each that he didn't get past the front cover a contrast this edition of an old Sakho's Newton 20 13 the front cover was clearly in South glass colours and had their politicians on it inside there was a 1 percent picture which included a politician they weren't nave if intend to produce more of these magazines will you make sure that it is clearly a corporate publication so that everyone whatever their political views can be informed
i'm thank you Claire for that question I don't accept the view that including images of Cabinet Members
[Cllr Toby Savage - 2:35:54]
takes away from being a corporate publication
and I am interested to see what other examples are happen within South Gloucestershire I've noted at the various newsletters that Sir Yate Town Council produces on behalf of the taxpayers of Yates and the front page of those newsletters there are some very familiar faces the privacy of staring back at us here so it is good enough for a Liberal Democrat running a Town Council arm is good enough for this Conservative run District Council
visitors to the river
yes certainly
Young do you have a supplementary question in relation to question 3 from councillor Savage
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:36:44]
yes thank you Chair I am disappointed that you've not gained to this
[Cllr Claire Young - 2:36:48]
question with the seriousness it deserves these are not claims but widely referred to reported facts about Mr. Johnson's actions and they show him using the language of a bully towards minorities that's what we call it said in a school playground as a former schools Exec Member I am sure agree that is very damaging for such language to be normalised especially by those aims to lead our nation
it's worth remembering that lead to the Conservative Group dismissively that this whole Council we show some leadership now and condemned this often were unworthy language on Parvis Eccleshare Council
[Cllr Toby Savage - 2:37:22]
I thank you Claire for for that question are far more interest in the actions of Boris Johnson
and not only as a sedum likely my answer did he win an election twice in the most one most diverse cities on earth and but he was one of the first Conservatives that to vote to repeal Section 28 and he was one that he was the concert at the forefront of Pride marches that three London and is one of the first Conservatives or to support the introduction of same-sex marriage so on far more interested in Mr. Johnson's actions that I am about his words
councillor Wood in relation to question for do you have a
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:38:01]
supplementary question for the Council
yes thank you Mr. Chairman and supplementary question would be or will
[Cllr Christopher Wood - 2:38:11]
we be working alongside the Mr. defence and local employers such as Airbus and others in Filton and across the whole of South Gloucestershire to ensure that the day next year is an absolutely superb event and that everyone can get behind thank you
in the interest of expediency and I am happy to confirm to us on 100 percent yes
[Cllr Toby Savage - 2:38:33]
in racially Councillor Urry question 5 Councillor Bolton do you have a supplementary question for Councillor Stone
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:38:41]
there are some glaring errors and omissions in your answer I'm afraid
[Cllr Ian Boulton - 2:38:52]
been firstly I'm sure on retrospect you will be embarrassed about this that software still has Thornbury hospital and Emersons Green NHS treatment centres are Frenchay was not as never been are only hospital as you say in your answer there
you omitted to answer my question or any reference to the BHS P and that is what my aunt the question was about so my question my supplementary question is have you read the Bristol healthcare services plan and how has closing and demolishing Frenchay Hospital now Thornbury hospital improved local healthcare provision rather than using these well established facilities that were key elements of the B H S P
thank you for the supplementary and
a are
I think I've got to
[Cllr Ben Stokes - 2:39:43]
look more carefully at at
my answer
and I'd like to
take opportunity
to reflect back on what I've written and come back
to it with
a written response
councillor really do you have a supplementary question for Councillor Stokes in relation to question 6
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:40:04]
the guaranteed contract hours referred to careworkers when preferred
[Cllr Pat Rooney - 2:40:09]
when preferred over zero hours however Ashing restates the new model is taking longer to end badge so why are you not setting a specific review day to ensure that that the new model is just not drifting also you have a review for the re-ablement element underway currently so why review one but not the other you obviously believed that the review process produces results
[Cllr Ben Stokes - 2:40:34]
so the review of the community by support model is an ongoing review so there isn't a formal review its own that that
Directors team will be looking at and analysing the results at their regular meetings and that is the extent of the review
I am pleased to say that while
there are challenges about the bedding-in of this process is showing signs of improvement and on that basis with the recommendation from the officer team I'm happy to stick with with that model and as with the green shoots of improvement that we are seeing in the hope that that
generates I'm a I think we're on the right course and I am confident that that that approach is is the correct one the other review that when we are looking at in terms of the reablement service I think that is essentially
a different it's a different
thing it's a wave just got judging our efficiency and I and it has different measures or and opportunities for review so a it can't really be compared directly I'm quite happy to talk to you in more detail about it outside of outside of this Cabinet meeting but he is like comparing chalk and cheese really
councillor vaguely in relation to question 7 Do you have a
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:42:16]
supplementary question from Councillor Stokes
yes I do Chair thank you or do we have a time scale that the 7
[Cllr April Begley - 2:42:24]
initiatives to make our provision adequate to need
I think
I understand your question
[Cllr Ben Stokes - 2:42:38]
and I would say that there is no timescale because this is a very big or system are very erm a multifaceted approach and it would it would be appropriate to
to limit this to a timescale I think we've just got seat incremental change
councillor month in relation to question 8 you have a supplementary
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:43:07]
question for Councillor Stokes
I do of course
[Cllr Adam Monk - 2:43:14]
I hereby ban unfortunately I don't think my question has been answered some observations from your reply there are two information events being run to provide users of this surgery information regarding the forthcoming closure over those are being run during working hours so as an example has or has a working person I would they attend to find out what's going on with the surgery and secondly he said that other surgeries of recruiting more staff to meet the increased demand yet there is a well no national shortage of GPs and a report which was any initiated last great 39 percent of GPs questioned consider a high likelihood they will leave the profession within the next two to five years
he has felt with people and filter and that the pressure on the system hasn't been considered nor the geography of the users affected many elderly patients being assigned to surgeries were either there is no parking or they have to cross a dual carriageway to get to the new surgery
I recently booked out employment my search which is not one of the ones being closed and a first appointment ICCQ out for a non urgent appointment in fairness was in excess of one month that's before any of the displays patients have signed up to my surgery so my question remains unanswered what reassurance can you offer to residents of fields and they will not see a reduction in the surface
[Cllr Ben Stokes - 2:44:34]
so add any of you are aware that the CCG are responsible for and the allocation of a Jeep GP provision primary care provision and we are
basically there as
a counterweight to try and steer and guide we don't have a sanction statutory sanction over that that provision but are there it's been known for a matter of years that the Northorpe family practice is not a viable the practice in terms of being run by independent urge GPs which is why the CCG has stepped into that and as I understand from the CCG
all the
residents who use that as their local surgery have been are communicated about the plans and about the options for Northorpe practice or over a long extended period of time it's just that
the actual date of the closure of that practice has now been announced and in the face of that if there is anybody who is still who is still in doubt and then they set up a series of these
Mitic meeting opportunities to talk through other opportunities I take on your point that the CCG should have a allocated other times and that's the detail that I've been given about what they're doing but I think that you are absolutely right and I will go back to the CCG making that point so thank you for pointing that out to me that we have very limited an if the CCG say they believe they're making the right provision and I have very limited information and tools at my disposal to
to counter that so if they're telling me we believe that the provision in the demographic and what we have locally to offer residents
is within the statutory requirements then I am afraid I have to go with what they're saying
thank you Brian thank you to him for that as she asked this question
[Cllr Ian Boulton - 2:47:00]
on behalf of my resident riven Vincent who spoke to us all earlier this evening and we all heard the desperate situation that ribbons family is facing and on her behalf my supplementary question is that caring for disabled children at home saves the public purse many millions of pounds and the amount of respite care Reverend receives has been profound has been cut for her profoundly disabled child what you going to do to support ribbons family and other families in similar situations as hers please
thank you in addition to being a policy decision taken to dress care
[Cllr Jon Hunt - 2:47:41]
packages at all unlike your first question and alluded to and if there have been changes which is three reductions and we will look at those individually and are simply take the lead to that situation out of them at the until to officers regarding her for you
councillor Rooney or in relation to question 10
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:48:04]
Do you have a supplementary
question for Councillor Jon Hunt
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:48:16]
[Cllr Pat Rooney - 2:48:20]
I and my fellow Kingswood colleagues used to sit on the Kingswood Children's advice Advisory Board which is part of the governance process to regularly monitor forms identify problem areas and discuss outreach work and hear from all the other ancient agencies delivering projects in our area therefore can you advise as to what has replaced the Advisory Board and how can local ward members become involved and be assured that performance is met locally
thank you
there isn't a mechanism is replaced at the moment but will surely
[Cllr Jon Hunt - 2:48:49]
working willing to work together to look at something that we can do to work with ward members on any gaps that you feel exist within your local area or we do not have the early Help Strategy in early Help partnership that works together to anything that can feed into that was to be welcome
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:49:12]
councillor monk in relation to question 11 Do you have a supplementary question for Councillor Burton
I do thank you for that reply ban I'm sure that lessons will be learned from the roll out of their
[Cllr Adam Monk - 2:49:22]
laptops that goes without saying to point those in slightly Mr. Phil as authorities struggle of a simple task of rolling I technology to sixth uses mobile phones and laptops yet administration want the most vulnerable in society to ranked much-needed cash for digital platform of recent experience doesn't fill me Members of this side of the Chamber all of the members of the public with much confidence will be able to do that today as an example people on this side of the room are unable to connect a VPN so what reassurance can the administration offered members users of our services that these issues will not be repeated
thank you again for your supplementary question
as I want
[Cllr Ben Burton - 2:50:03]
to first start by thanking am Steve R Lewis and the ICT team for their actual hard work
in dealing with members concerns is not ideal and situation that arose but I think they've acted professionally and the actually act and worked tirelessly to eight members and with their issues and individually contacting each Member to identify problems they were having an and to resolve those am
for those experiences problems so I like to thank Steve and his team for that hot works I know they act in a very professional manner in that respect
moving on to the second part of the question and the ICT team deal daily with a complex arrangements round the Council with all the IT infrastructure
is evidence that 99 percent uptime in the critical systems is being maintained and that is no current plan to more feet 8 shows actually can manage and am deal with complex arrangements in the ICT structure
looking at the development of customer facing services in terms of ICT I was recently briefed upon the one the first AGM items that tend to be rolled out emigration to green waste and I know there's procedures in place that will allow not only Members and 2 to see that in advance but also it will be tested on the general public and will undergo extensive testing to ensure that when customers first
having experience of that is a positive one and it will not work effectively for them
councillor monkeying in relation to question 12 Do you have a
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:51:43]
supplementary question I understand that Councillor Savage will respond
I do think it and
[Cllr Adam Monk - 2:51:53]
so am taking in the most recent IAG report every port recorded 16 incidents of hate crime in Filton which is the same number as Kingswood and
Woodstock this is the highest recording in South gloss hate crime as you were reported in your reply is maturity and are under reported
that a report be provided to Councillors following the meeting of the Strategic Partnership on October 11th and subsequently Do you feel we are doing enough to address this issue
[Cllr Toby Savage - 2:52:30]
odd with regard to your first point in the circulation of of that information to members on show like to be able to do that we will need to check with police colleagues to check whether there is any sensitive information Arms and it was an exempt item that was considered an app partnership meeting
the but secondly in terms of how much we are doing and very pleased that hate crime are in Southall share fell an A compared to last year and that is not a reduction to be to be sniffed at and that is through effective partnership working not just with the police and but with sorry who we commission and support us in reducing hate crime and but there is always a further that that hate crime can fall
councillor Scudamore in relation to question 13 Do you have a supplementary question
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:53:26]
yes thank you thank you for the answer I'm
not not surprised
and pleased that we do carry out inspections are waste processes
[Cllr Kim Scudamore - 2:53:35]
however could you tell us what percentage of our waste processes are actually visited and is this sufficient for residents have confidence that our waste ends up where we say it should
I thank you can feel that question for don't have those figures to hand so you will need to be written to with information
[Cllr Toby Savage - 2:53:56]
in in relation to
question 14 cancels good Mordue however further supplementary question
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:54:05]
yes Chair I do have been quietly send out my session o
[Cllr Kim Scudamore - 2:54:08]
group assuming that the negotiations for the strip of land is successful I can assure you the resonance of Carson's Road and users of the Way site would be very pleased if the development goes ahead and that these improvements are made however 600 thousand pounds is a lot of money and the question I have is really what has been done to consider in the short term at lower cost improvements to that site to improve the congestion problems in particular a traffic management plan that would actually control the timing of it that the bin lorries returned to the site the possibility of a no right turn from Carson's Road there would actually reduce some of the traffic congestion and of course the at the famous camera which is opposed to help visitors actually palm their visits to avoid peak times I don't know anybody that found that camera working but I do have a written reply here when the question was asked last year and the previous holder of the Executive position for Communities promised to be sorted out within a month and that was actually May 20 18 as lots of other things that should have been looked at
thank you can fall that question I'm
[Cllr Toby Savage - 2:55:22]
we have made other improvements to the magnitude sorted sensibly made very significant capacity improvements and which saw resource it centre close for some months come in order that we could put additional and weighbridges in so the site could earn service more of the sewers vehicles at quicker as well as making a number of improvements for residents who make use of the site as well so the capacity of the site has increased markedly and there is more that we can do to aid vehicles are accessing the sites and that is why the administration has committed to invest in those improvements and I've also spoke to officers about our forming a Community Liaison Group at the can work with residents are aware of the Syson Hill estate to work out what other further measures may be possible but as the administration has set out within our Budget plans is absolutely something the which determined to invest in and improve for that community
councillor Scudamore in relation to question 15 you have a further
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:56:28]
very simple question really can you tell us how many officers have
[Cllr Kim Scudamore - 2:56:34]
actually got the Authority in this Council to issue fixed penalty notices for littering
[Cllr Toby Savage - 2:56:47]
and I can't any that's figure off the top of my head but what we have done to date is to ensure that we are able to adopts the various legal powers that are being made available to local authorities across England that's why we ought we were the first authority outside of London for dot powers to fine littering from vehicles now believe adopted the powers the next stage of work is to is to understand how we can enforce a properly at through a variety of methods that I alluded to in the answer here and the administration will bring forward those proposals when we concluded our discussions with officers are on those
as the Bolton related
in 15 16 Do you have a supplementary question
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:57:33]
thank you grind and thank you for the response
[Cllr Ian Boulton - 2:57:38]
a member
for the ongoing support since 20 17 which is when I spoke of Full
[Cllr Ian Boulton - 2:57:45]
Council about our responsibilities to our LGBT plus residents your encouragement then and since has at times been overwhelming and personally deeply moving our partners are own LGBT plus staff network councillors including at least Toby and Claire and Sam and James and Katie all ensured that we had a very visible presence of Bristol Pride on Saturday and saw Toby whilst I don't have a replacement T-shirts for you that says proud of all our Council staff I hope you found it in the end
and I hope that you will all please accept some of our branded items Mar Bristol Pride stall that have left around the chamber and if you would encourage their use amongst your colleagues as proud allies of our LGBT plus residents please
[Cllr Toby Savage - 2:58:46]
in relation to question 17 Councillors good more do you have a supplementary question
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 2:58:51]
Councillor Reid
yes Chair thank you
[Cllr Kim Scudamore - 2:58:58]
thank you for the answer but I'm afraid I must point out it's wrong is simply wrong
you claim here that to the Council became aware of travellers arriving at tennis court Road on I think during the second the facts are they arrived on Thursday May the 30th I know this could I reported to the Council on May 31st so to claim the council didn't know until June the second is not right I know my report was received but my colleague Councillor Evans got an e-mail from the Council that same day advising her the Travellers arrived at tennis call Road some effect the reply is inaccurate the point of my question was really what lessons were learned from the two different events travellers arrived and tennis court Road on a Thursday evening and finally moved off the following Wednesday those travellers moved to the Subi playing field Wednesday morning and moved off by six o'clock on a Wednesday evening there was a different response from the Council and the police and I think that's really important point here on my question was what lessons did we learn first lesson should be to get our facts straight in our answers
can't Kim thank you very much
[Cllr Steve Reade - 3:00:08]
they might noted I will correct my records that event on 2nd Liam possibly more important in the city more importantly
you know from the Task and finish Group that we carried out last year on
unofficial Gypsy encampments there is a lot to do are we have made changes we made changes to the side of the protocol with made changes to the flow diagram on that hot how officers should respond
but it is a real world are things don't always go according to plan and timescales can't can defer and as we heard from Matthew earlier on
an official Gypsy encampments can be disastrous for expenses and him completely unacceptable situation as do occur but the long term plan is the have facilities in somewhere and it will be dealt with through the local plan at the moment into the grey our hands are tied and there is a degree of negotiation
with travellers as to where they can move to next
councillor Scott in relation to question 18 Do you have a
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 3:01:18]
supplementary question for Councillor Reid
[Cllr Sam William Scott - 3:02:06]
[Cllr Steve Reade - 3:02:14]
i'm use usage should always be driven up are and as we've heard this evening about the emergency Out
fight flowing flood the motion
first of increased biomethane buses are that they will be rolled out that will actually have a psychological impact on people because hopefully people will see that that that something that they can do to encourage usage are is advertisements as well so we will be pushing up in terms of
opposing the fare rises is a commercial service yet we can voice an opinion but we're not then see other direct unfortunate case
thank you something
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 3:02:57]
councillor Lean in response to question 19 you have a supplementary question Councillor Reid
as I do and thank you as they feel these health response out the
[Cllr Jon Lean - 3:03:06]
follow up question is given national blockage in the private rented market the UDA strike in your response I'd like to understand a bit more about what the administration is doing to increase the availability of social housing
and also as the administration looking to use any of its powers to build new Council housing
[Cllr Steve Reade - 3:03:30]
as other or resited relatively fast learner in this new role of mine I'm afraid I am unable to answer your question at the moment I need to do some more research myself and I will get back to you
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 3:03:45]
thank you know the next seven or eight questions are all addressed to Councillor Williams so I'll just cut the thing short by saying Councillor Monk in relation to a
the question 20 Do you have a supplementary question
I do thank you for a comprehensive answer America
[Cllr Adam Monk - 3:04:05]
has the Cabinet Member what would you say to parents of children who attend Chapel Road School have been informed that their children they use the much-loved resource base now will only have 50 percent of their access time to this facility and then today are told that the facility will change his focus from speech language to St in addition were you aware of this change of focus of the resource base
thank you for your question Adam
[Cllr Erica Williams - 3:04:33]
I realise that that obviously there was angst about the chopper Road the our parents their concerns are the facts of the matter is erm from what I understand as tea is more of a priority within that area so therefore having only a few pupils with with the speech and language difficulties
were outweighed by that so that is why that decision has changed the
councillor evidence in relation to question 21 you have a
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 3:05:11]
supplementary question
yes I do care thank you Erica thank you for your response and I look
[Cllr Alison Evans - 3:05:19]
forward to seeing the improved outcomes next year when the impact of the interventions is expected to pay off my supplementary question is have all of our academies participated in the interventions provided thank you
[Cllr Erica Williams - 3:05:39]
to be perfectly honest artisan I am not totally sure and I'd rather community tells response in writing for me thank you
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 3:05:50]
and in relation to question 22 pounds a reference to a further supplementary question
yes charity
[Cllr Alison Evans - 3:05:57]
with only 75 per cent of academies taking up core training packages is there an accountability gap in secondary education due to the academy model good and Education Scrutiny Committee be the answer good scrutiny is about adding value strengthening decisions and outcomes all things we would like to see for our schools and Q
that would be actually are
[Cllr Erica Williams - 3:06:21]
a very good suggestions on how to take forward foyer and in view of this question and I was answer to cause scrutiny does have
a Task and role to play
so I think that may be
suddenly for discussion
and in relation to CAP question 23 concerns
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 3:06:49]
sorry I guess I do have another question how many schools in South
[Cllr Alison Evans - 3:06:50]
Goss are able to access the 03 and PQ courses provided by the Diocese of Bristol and the Diocese of Clifton
that is something that get foyer that information accounts
[Cllr Erica Williams - 3:07:07]
Christian 24 Councillor Evans
sorry thank you for your response and I am really pleased to hear that
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 3:07:15]
[Cllr Alison Evans - 3:07:15]
all new schools in South gloss will be fitted with sprinklers is that the same four new classrooms and extensions to thank you
councillor Evans Christian 25
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 3:07:38]
further to my questions at Cabinet on Monday I would like to know the
[Cllr Alison Evans - 3:07:43]
exclusion figures for children without SEN D is the only children with special needs and disabilities that are excluded in South gloss if so I find that truly shocking and potentially potentially discriminatory thank you
I do have that information I contend you by e-mail
[Cllr Erica Williams - 3:08:02]
councillor Evans question 26
[Cllr Alison Evans - 3:08:09]
yet last month is a long one though sorry and thank you for your
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 3:08:14]
[Cllr Alison Evans - 3:08:14]
response and I look forward to receiving the data regarding the wider demographics of children being electively home educated when it has been collated and analysed as the issue of potential off rolling is of significant concern I am sure you would welcome the government's proposals to introduce a compulsory register for home-schooled children and the LGA's calls for councils to be given more powers and funding to tackle this as a priority I am pleased to read that all heads and governors have been offered training and guidance on Ofsted's new guidelines on off rolling would it be possible to have the figure for the amount of taken up this offer and finally I appreciate the Ofsted does not give specific timeframes for visits to occur that they obviously didn't think AZ were quick enough what is the longest time that a child has waited to be visited after being electively home educated thank you
i'll get that information for you and on Centre to buy America
[Cllr Erica Williams - 3:09:14]
councillor Stansfield do you have a supplementary question for
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 3:09:16]
Councillor Williams in running respective question 27
Yes thank you I do
[Cllr Jayne Stansfield - 3:09:26]
thank you for your answer and I'm sorry that you felt this was just a party political question what I was really hoping to do is to give you the opportunity to draw a line under some of the bad feeling that built up towards the Council from teachers and parents in recent years and to turn a new page my supplementary question with bay
do you see yourself bringing a new approach to this role or will it be very much business as usual
I would like to say that
in an Edinburgh
always will put their own personality into
into the job
[Cllr Erica Williams - 3:09:59]
they do but would also follow the line of off our protocols and advice from officers

9 Treasury Management Annual Report 2018-19

[Cllr Brian Allinson - 3:10:14]
thank you Members that concludes the item 8 the questions and I move on to Item 9 Treasury Management Annual report 20 18 19 can I please call on Councillor Chris Wood to propose the item
the famous tenor I
[Cllr Christopher Wood - 3:10:34]
rise to present the Annual report on Treasury Management Service and actual Prudential Indicators 18 19 agenda might nine pages nineteen forty this is the third Treasury Management report for 18 19 requiring Council approval it reviews the Council's performance in year in relation to investment of our activities and against potential indicators set before the start of the year investment income was higher than budgeted and performance benefited in particular from new investments inner for failure property bond and equity pooled funds additional earnings generated by these investments contributed to the Council's transformation and savings programme borrowing costs were also underspent as no additional borrowing was taken out in the year although it was allowed for in the budget performance against potential indicators shows of its treasury management activities took place within limits set interim strategy and measures of affordability at year end are better than mid-year estimates
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 3:11:39]
thank you chairman arrives were seconded the report
[Cllr John Ashe - 3:11:40]
are there any other Councillors who wish to speak to the item
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 3:11:54]
those in favour of the report
I think that is unanimous thank you
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 3:12:14]
ITEM 10 remuneration approval Head of integrated children's services
members can I please remind you that this is an exempt report therefore if you have questions or wish to discuss the detail of the report the meeting will need to go into exempt session can I please call on Councillor Tony Savage to propose the item
I Chair thank you I would like to propose the recommendations
can I please
[Cllr Toby Savage - 3:12:48]
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 3:12:51]
but any Members wish to
both common now
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 3:13:02]
all those in favour
that unanimous
ITEM 11 West of England Partnership and regional issues can I please
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 3:13:17]
call on Councillor Toby Savage to introduce the item

11 West of England Partnership and Regional Issues

thank you Chair this is a regular item we have on our agenda at the
[Cllr Toby Savage - 3:13:26]
reports for noting
myself and relevant Cabinet members are ready to answer any questions that Members may have on this report
does any Member wished to speak Councillor Rooney
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 3:13:43]
[Cllr Pat Rooney - 3:13:47]
at its with sorry with regard to 14 15 16 the paragraphs on page 48 just like to say that it's a very positive move forward with Whitfield Tabernacle have got colleague here and the Trust were very pleased with that but also to commend James Cook for all of his work and commitment and he's put into all of the beds which has been recognised in paragraph 18 so we thank him very much for all the work that he's he's doing doing and working alongside all my colleagues thank you
item is for information only and I shall therefore move on to the next item of business
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 3:14:21]
councils there were no urgent items that I now declare the meeting closed
please can I ask you to assist
with the close of the meeting by moving your glass