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  1. Cllr Brian Allinson
  2. Cllr Toby Savage
  3. Cllr Brian Allinson
  4. Cllr Toby Savage
  5. Cllr Brian Allinson
  6. Cllr Claire Young
  7. Cllr Pat Rooney
  8. Cllr Toby Savage
  9. Cllr Brian Allinson
  10. Cllr Toby Savage
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  1. Cllr Brian Allinson
  2. Cllr Claire Young
  3. Cllr Pat Rooney
  4. Cllr Brian Allinson
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I am very pleased to welcome you to this special Council Meeting to recognise the eminent service of our colleagues will also be recognising achievement so a number of local residents this evening
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:00:15]
the ordinary Council meeting will follow the special Council meeting
however before we come to the main item we must first deal with some other items of business
are there any apologies for absence
councillor Savage
can we have any
apologies from your group please
[Cllr Toby Savage - 0:01:09]
i'm thank you Chair and I believe we have a apologies from Councillor James Griffiths
Councillor Christine price
thank you Councillor Pat Rooney
evacuation procedure
if the fire alarm sounds leave by the fire exit door in the council chamber
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:01:34]
go down the staircase and assemble in the staff car park at the rear of the Civic Centre
if access to this fire exit is unavailable there is a secondary far-right set route through the trains week corridor and down the staircase to the front of the building
do not run or use the lifts and if you have mobility problems fell at Democratic Services Officer who will assist you
item for
Honorary Alderman of South Gloucestershire
we now come to the main item of today's special meeting and I am delighted to be chairing this meeting to recognise the eminent service provided by former Councillors by awarding the status of Honorary Alderman
I'm going to call for nominations from the Conservative party the Liberal party and the Liberal Democrat party and then the Labour party
can I please call on Councillor Savage for the Conservative party nominations
[Cllr Toby Savage - 0:02:40]
thank you Chair I would like to propose John got odds had gone out and Janet begin please
thank you Councillor Savage can I please call on Councillor Ken doll
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:02:52]
cannot please ask for a second
can I please call on Councillor Clair Young for the Liberal Democrat party nominations
b Hockey
[Cllr Claire Young - 0:03:10]
and Sue Walker
can I please have a seconder for that proposal
Davis Councillor Davis
please can I call on Councillor Pat room Rooney for the Labour party
[Cllr Pat Rooney - 0:03:30]
nominations thank you yes I'd like to nominate Roger Hutchinson Andy Perkins and Shelley pots
thank you Council
can I have a second please thank you
I am now going to move to the vote all those in favour
[Cllr Toby Savage - 0:03:49]
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:04:00]
all those against
make any comments please
[Cllr Toby Savage - 0:04:17]
the Chair thank you very much yes it gives me great pleasure to talk to the nominations of the Conservative Group of have proposed this evening and I'd like to start by recognising the contributions of of John and had a good odds and John had had lived in Hannam for 55 years between them and have served the community are with distinction for over a century
eventually being elected South Gloucestershire Council in 2 thousand and 3 prior to that header was already a well-established Councillor on Kings of Borough Council representing the people of Hull inhabits Ward for 17 years and also serving as chair

4 Honorary Alderman of South Gloucestershire

during her time on the Council as there was Cabinet for communities a post that she held for five years and received great pleasure meeting so many wonderful people and communities across South Gloucestershire Shelter held a cabinet post for strategic partnerships European affairs and external affairs and shared the Health and Wellbeing Board in its inaugural year and for the following two years
she also chaired the Safer and stronger clearly the Partnership for over seven years working with our police force and police and Crime Commissioner
John held a cabinet post for Corporate Resources a post he thoroughly enjoyed working partly with his Councillor hats on and in his role as Chair of Governors at what was then having high school he successfully secured a sports centre Scouts facilities and teaching wing he was pleased to be actively involved in bring superfast broadband to south Russia and helping to oversee the updating of this building that we are all in this evening
a mark of John dedication to this post his colleagues on the people of South Gloucestershire is the fact that notwithstanding undergoing gruelling cancer treatments upon leaving the radiotherapy unit he would often come straight to a Council meeting here
as well as District Councillors they have served on Hallam inhabits parish councils including chairing the latter for a number of years
I should mention John was a founder member of the East Asian retreat Lebanon in 19 82 along with our Chair of Council that Councillor Brian Allinson
alongside all vice-chair Councillor June Bamford the gods worked outstandingly as the local team and Haddin with heather and John's legacy being a regenerated high streets and active traders and Communities Partnership and a thriving local youth club
they reluctantly made the decision to stand down at the last local elections with the intention to relax and enjoy their retirement taking holidays and spending time with family and friends and use their vast experience and knowledge to undertake voluntary work
however their sense of community spirit and determination to make a difference to the lives of residents as part of their DNA and they decided to stand for hamlets Parish Council and were duly elected
a few months ago
John had the belief that every Councillor enters politics to make a difference and they feel they have made a difference to the people of Hannon and the wider South Gloucestershire area and very pleased they've been admitted as Honorary Alderman of South Gloucestershire in recognition of their services to this Council and in Heathers case to a predecessor authority
I now turn to Janet begin
Janet was first elected to represent the down and Ward in 2 thousand and 7 continued to diligently represented wards until this year when she chose to stand down
having previously been being or an ICU nurse or Janet brought the calm head and experience of dealing with difficult situations easily to the council chamber their expertise in dealing with children was also essential in the two terms that she served as Chair Hounsell here
a renewal of an eyelash
a role that I know she enjoyed thoroughly and she carried out with great enthusiasm in the two years as Chair of Council she had the honour of opening hours officers against road and everyone who attends a those those officers will see the plaque highlight highlighting that
on the Council Janet used her in her previous work experience in health to serve the residence as a member of the Health Scrutiny Committee and as Chair of that Scrutiny Committee as well as representing us on the corporate parenting Steering Group and fostering panel making sure we always secured the best outcomes for our young people her commitment to these roles shows that as now continues to sit on fostering panel as an independent member
I'm sure many of you will be aware of John its commitments to fair trade annually hosts a visitor during Fairtrade fortnight
fortunately Janet hasn't been lost to her residence completely and is still the Chair of down and Bromley Heath Parish Council where she can continue to pass on her valuable experience and knowledge to others
I also want to say a few words about Ken Dando by Ken isn't here this evening and he is actually already an Alderman and from a previous stint on this Council representing a different political group and I look forward to Ken are coming back on to this Council as a member of the Labour Group
he can continue his good work that serving his residence
thank you Chair
councillor Claire employees
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:09:37]
[Cllr Claire Young - 0:09:43]
at the May elections are groups invite an exceptional group of councillors who between them said the public for more than 200 years and in some cases are still doing so on Town and Parish Councils and delighted that we marking the service this evening
before introduced on your wisdom and I wish I could not miss this opportunity to say thank you to Clough Fidel he was honoured to be asked but declined on nomination she served on North Haven and insert Gloucester Council for a total of 32 years and was the linchpin of so much of what happened in Thornbury during that time
so turning to Alderman employer was elected sakata counts in the byelection in 2 thousand he used his experience as a teacher to lead for a group on the children Young people portfolio and shared the decision making committee that name for three years you also have a strong interest in playing a transport matters being heavily involved in campaigning for better buses and serving on the gunmen controlled east he was an excellent ambassador for South Gloucestershire when he served as Chair of Council in 20 17 18
Linda Boo was first elected to Norfolk and in 19 91 I was a founding member of South Gloucestershire Council she has a keen interest in planning and was our Lead Member on the Devon controlled East Committee just strong community ethos hoping many hundreds of people over the years and being constantly evolving community projects most notably the Chipping Sodbury Youth Club
Linda was elected to Dancing Parish Council and later sub return Council where she continues to serve her community to this day
David Rockey was elected sakata Council in 19 99 over the years he chaired the Committee Select Committee public Rights of Way Committee and Development control west a passionate campaign on environmental issues his drive and determination particularly evident in his 20 year campaign to clear up the River Frome
very well known in his local community is never afraid to get stuck in with one of his key achievements being his hands on management of the brokerage Centre project
like Linda Sue hope became a Northern Council in 19 91 and was later Chair of surplus to Council in 19 97 98 passionate campaign was social issues she has particular expertise on health and served on as our Group spokesperson by some for many years
she is well known throughout the Cotswold valley edge of villages and used all her energy and enthusiasm to juggle the demands of the many different parishes in her ward as well as a wider commitments on South Gloucestershire
on a
personal note she offered me extant supports my designated body when I was first elected
now we come to two people who have each served for 40 years Sue Walker has always been a doer she was a driving force behind numerous projects including yeti District Twinning Association Men in sheds and the dementia worker Postgate and are served many local organisations there can be few community facilities in Yate from just to the railway station where Sue hasn't been involved in some way in improving them
warm and welcoming to use or which he was always happy to help local people with their problems and in 2 thousand and 3 for she served as Chair of the Council
finally there can be few people
who can claim to have a greater role in shaping our area as Pat Hockey already Parish Councillor when she was first elected to north and in 19 79 six years later she became an Avon County Councillor to she played a key role in getting late station reopened and that the campaign to get the Froome Valley into the green belt when he was Leader of aim
as a Cabinet Member for Planning Transport and strategic to arguments on Sam Goss she was known not just regionally but also nationally for her expertise in this area with our eye for detail and encyclopaedic knowledge of a subject she continued to challenge as aspects blossom sharing the PTC Select Committee and being are Lead Member when we bought back the Committee system
a formidable speaker in the Council Chamber she also dedicated many hours of work behind the scenes to working on strategic plans most recently she was a member of the work of scrutiny committee her work this demonstrated her belief in the importance of local government and of standing up for your community
I know a great greatly misses the collective experience wit and wisdom of all our newly retired members and I wish them all a long and happy retirement thank you
I concur
I am pleased that our nation father and son anti Perkins and Shirley
[Cllr Pat Rooney - 0:13:52]
parts of all being accepted as Alderman
Rudd became involved in local government back in 19 69 at Buckinghamshire county standing in the byelection beating the local vicar who was a Tory candidate bemusement councillor Urban District which later became Milton Keynes Rogers founder Member and after due time became deputy leader
he was then appointed to Southern Regional Office as assistant regional officer until 19 82 but was then moved to Bristol office in 19 87 and here I stood as a paper candidate in Filton Charter award which of course the Labour party won by a landslide is owned by the Council
it was on South gloss that he put forward the first motion calling on Council to adopt the animal welfare Charter which are hurried and actively pursues this to present day 2 thousand and 1 p off at the Leader Cabinet system and Roger became the first Chair of Planning Transport and Environmental Select Committee in 2 thousand and 3
there was a
hung Council and he became Labour Group Leader and thereby one of the two Deputy leaders and our major demand was to improve social inclusion which saw the birth of a priority neighbourhood scheme which is still in need of our targeted
he took one of the two Labour seats on the Cabinet and during this time this Council achieve a 4 star rating and we wonder today whether we be as worthy as a character comparable racing today
Roger was Group Leader for eight years and was a member of the Regional Assembly and south-west Council of which he chaired for two years his interests and expertise in planning and transport was invaluable to our group and we depended upon him for his advice and support I hope that he now enjoy his time away from the Council of his many interests away from the glare of politics
Anthony Perkins began life in Taunton and became a candidate for South Norfolk district council in 19 99 and soon rose to the fall when he became a parliamentary candidate for Somerton and Frome constituency in 2 thousand and 1 in 2 thousand and 3 after moving to Bristol and the stood and 1 Woodstock ward along Roger Kells and myself and soon made his mark with his analytical skills which greatly help the group but also had officers run ragged with his tenacity in dealing with all his casework
he became
following 2 thousand 11 local elections and one of the Deputy leaders of the Council he instigated the required notice to change from the cabinet system back to the committee system which we on this side of the room
would agree is a far more democratic system all Councils are held responsible with councillors sit on all the decision making committees and the alongside Roger myself or at the start of the friends of Grimsby Farm in 2 thousand and 5 which developed into a successful group to date he attended the monthly walkabouts to the town centre organised by the friends of Kingswood park relishing in the problem solving elements that were raised and needed resolution such as empty shops and businesses and planning enforcement inquiries and his attention to detail is superb and although he stepped down as Leader of the Group due to family circumstances his commitment to resolving residents issues in his case work was admirable I thoroughly enjoyed working on site and D for 16 years as a fellow would stop Councillor and I hope he hasn't the time to enjoy new adventures with his family
surely not what can we say about Shirley jelly became Councillor and Kingswood borough in 19 83 to 19 95 and then South Gloucestershire 95 to 2 thousand 19 a total of 36 years and during his lengthy public service she was working full time Merrywood girls' school where she became deputy head she was also deputy leader of the Labour Group that during this time she focused her interest on community services and was Chair of Recreation Committee in a Labour spokesperson for the leisure and community resources have expertise within this field helped to support and build up relationships within her wards of Sandwell and Staple Hill and she brought about the huge success of Christmas on the hill which is still recognised as a clear winner of for all the residents area wide Shone also became a director of the Phoenix Trust where she actively promoted Labour values for sustainable community that's value approach and her involvement of local authorities in health and social service changes are greatest pleasure is still dealing her people I was the fellow Ward Councillor in Sandwell and we have our photos in the national BBC archives following a local election back in the day as we were the first woman team on the south-west Council we always enjoy canvassing Sundays where we wouldn't get very far due to the amount of people stuffing was to chat but surely has spent her whole life in her community working tirelessly for all the residents within her wards this brought about community ward a British Empire medal which was presented to her last year and she chose to have a presentation of full Council as more of her residents could be present to celebrate with her
surely a person for the people and of the people
I have had the great honour of working alongside Shirley as a fellow Ward Councillor and her spokesperson for ECS when she sat alongside Roger on the cabinet her enthusiasm work ethic are second to none no one could work harder for their community no one deserves recognition more than her and I have been proud to call her a friend to out Even though we used to have a fight the Area Forum and Staple Hill was up against Woodstock for funding
this demonstrates that so focus on Staple Hill to do the very best she could for her community and provide support for local people the people she belongs to and still words for
thank you Councillor Murray
we have already
voted and accepted the nominations so each Alderman will now be called in turn to receive a certificate and sign
[Cllr Brian Allinson - 0:19:48]
the Roll of Honorary Alderman said there will never be a short pause while we move to the floor of the Chamber
so can I please ask
Janet begin to come forward
councillor Ian Blair
sorry I am glad
so long
thank you for
Linda been
Officer do not that
Alderman Heather and John God please
alderman gave Hockey
alderman Pat Hockey
thank you
open so hope
thank you very messy
a Hutchinson
alderman Andy parking
the left
and right
the right yes
only then surely parts
if I like
although the social worker
councillors I'm sure you will join with me in congratulating those who have been honoured today and in thanking them on behalf of South Gloucestershire Council and its residents for their eminent service
members placed their thanks to Amanda dies at her last Council meeting in February and other afternoon tea in April I just like to ask the man that come forward to receive a small token of our appreciation
there are a number of other presentations this evening and therefore I shall move on to the next item of business Item 5 Certificate presentations
members I am delighted to welcome representatives of the Year 10 football team Hanim would secure
somebody switch the power of
to lead to this meeting the team has had a successful season which included winning the Gloucestershire County Cup best in the west
please can I call on loop Bond Charlie Isles Ollie Boyce and Phil Anderson to collect Certificate
of recognition on behalf of the team
I am delighted we are being joined by Belinda Cox Donald Non Alan merchant and John Morris who are the recipients of the Chair's community awards and were unable to attend the awards
the winner yes
i'm please invite Belinda Cox to accept her award
Just to explained Belinda
volunteers for missing link which provides mental health services as well as support for those who have experienced domestic abuse sexual abuse and rape she also volunteers for homeless charities giving her support to the most vulnerable in society
so please can I now invite Ghonim at Marne to collect her award
Donna is an inspirational leader of to brownie units in South Gloucestershire she ensures the groups have a wide variety of activities events and camps and provides a range of development opportunities for the Brownlee and young leaders who volunteer
can I now invite Alan merchant to collect his award
Alan is a volunteer driver for Kingswood community transport providing a door-to-door service to help local residents continue to have an active role in the community and help to combat loneliness
is always willing to put himself forward for out of hours cover two groups if you want to
attend activities like the theatre
so please can I invite him for
please now John Morris to come forward as a ward
John has been a governor at Wakefield Primary School for 13 years
be very dedicated with his time making the school a better environment for the children
John also volunteers for local scouts and as a fundraiser for the British heart Foundation
On behalf of the Council I would like to congratulate you on your awards and thank you for the difference your hard work and dedication makes to our communities
we have a checklist
to present and I would ask
the previous Chair of Council Rachel to come forward to award the checks that will now be given as a result the purchase of goods last year
members we've been enjoying this evening by representatives of the three-wheelers and next Link who were Councillor Rachel Hudds chosen charities during her time as chair
during the year a total of 2 thousand 868 pounds and for-profits
was raised and I'd like to present cheques for 1 thousand 400 34 pounds and Tuppence
can I please ask the representatives of free Wheelers to come forward to collect their check
I fixed long
enough and records
can I please ask the representatives of next meeting to receive that Geoff
the couple of neglect
members as I'm sure you will understand it is quite warm tonight so I will propose a short break and to reconvene at eight o'clock
refreshments are available in Committee Room 2

5 Certificate Presentations

0yes Rachel wants to present just a couple more years so I'll hand over data
because I appreciate it is
nice and warm saw me to make it nice and quiet and the one of these is for our John McCormack
thank you very much for her support
nevertheless near to him provided endless support
I don't have any tell you right up again but I thank you for Amanda so hopefully should still here for good and something offering everything